Riding Solo

So, it’s finally June. You know what that means? My friends wedding at the end of the month. And the GRE exam in July. Woo… kinda.

Well, I haven’t seen my friend since I graduated college – she graduated a year or two after me and just recently (as last year) we got in contact with each other again. We caught up on the phone and thru text, which was nice, and she was engaged at the time and is now finally getting married. What was a little weird was how she randomly text me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to come to her wedding, which I was all for, just, it was really kinda out of no where. It was sweet how she still thought of me though, since we were close at one point during our college life.

And now, I find myself at a fork in the road – do I show up and declare my undying love for her and make a giant ass of myself? Or let her be and let her get married?

HAHAHA fuck no I’m just kidding

But seriously, I’m at a dilemma – to bring a date? or to go stag?

I know, I know, it’s a very serious life changing question right there.

Where did the term ‘to go stag’ come from anyway? Does stag mean something? Does it mean Still That Alone Guy? Or does it just mean stag? I usually try not to go stag to events like this or any event actually, and it’s not like I have a shortage of possible dates, just, I’m in the middle on this one.

One, if I go alone

The possibilities are pretty much endless as to what could happen at the wedding and the reception. Who knows? Maybe my future woman will be done baking by the time the wedding happens? (funny analogy my friend said to me one day). Maybe I meet someone interesting there and things happen and boom, I’d be the last of my friends to not be single. Side note – I’m not hating or anything, but even my one friend got a girlfriend and I’m like wtf are you serious right now. I’m all for it though, just never thought that out of everyone I knew he’d be the one to get a girlfriend. I get to sit at the singles table (big woop) and have conversations with sad single people where I’m pretty sure they’ll mostly be guys, since that’s how it was for my roommates wedding. Bro time I guess. Sigh. Open bar? Hopefully. Even if I don’t meet anyone interesting, I’m sure I can find someone or some like minded people by the bar and make new friends and get trashed with said new friends.

Pro – New doors opening
Con – I’d be alone

Two, if I bring a date

I wouldn’t be alone around people I didn’t know (except for the bride). Also my friend wouldn’t be all like, damn you’re still single?‘ She’d be like ‘Oh wow who’s this? Is this your girlfriend?‘ and at that point we can pretty much just make up some random story of how we met and bullshit everyone. And have fun making up random stories to people we didn’t know. If I did bring a date we would totally play it off also, maybe embellish a little here and there, you know? It would be super fun. If despacito came out we could totally dance to it. We would get trashed at the (hopefully) open bar and make total fools of ourselves at the photo booth. And I’d have someone to talk to. And I wouldn’t have to sit at the singles table. But then we’d have to talk about bullshit couple stuff to actual couples and ugh, that would get old real fast. I’d have someone to drive if I get real smashed. Did I mention I wouldn’t be alone though?

Pro – I wouldn’t be alone
Con – No doors opening

Well, I guess if it’s put it like that, I’d be leaning more toward going alone. I like not knowing what happens – sometimes going in blind is what makes the moment more memorable/enjoyable. I used to like planning things and being in charge of what happens, but I’ve come to realize that rolling with it is just as good or even better or being in charge of it all. But, I’m pretty sure it will be awesome regardless if I bring a date or not though.

Anyway, I still have till the 15 to respond and its at the end of the month so… still got time to think on it. And I’d still have to buy a new suit since my old one is kinda big on me now. And I gotta get my man bun cut off. Yes, that’s still happening. Sigh.



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