Ever wonder why kids throw tantrums? Why they act up?

Cuz they want attention.

That’s cool, right? And why is that cool? Why is that ‘ok’? Because they are kids.

Image result for salty memeEver seen a grown ass adult do low key things just for attention? Yes? Isn’t that just the saddest thing? I think its hilariously sad actually. Honestly, I do me all the time – I don’t pay attention to what someone else is doing, what they have, how they go about their lives etc. – in other words, the only nuts I’m on is my own. Why? Because I’m a grown ass man who is secure about himself. But I know that there are insecure people out here and they want attention just to make themselves feel better. Or they want attention because they are jealous that they aren’t getting any attention.

It’s fine to be jealous, it’s human nature, but when someone who seems to be on your nuts TWENTY FOUR FUCKING SEVEN, is low key salty about you, what you do, how you do and who you do, they need to seriously look at themselves in the mirror and ask ‘what the fuck am I lacking that makes me one salty ass motherfucker?’ Because, 9 times out of 10, they are severely lacking something in their lives that they see in someone else and is low key mad at them because they have what they don’t. Or can’t. Or maybe they just low key have assburgers that just makes them super insecure, who fucking knows? (Pun intended)

And I’m not dumb – I can spot these people a mile away. I know who is low key salty and who is jealous and who is [insert any and all negative adjectives here]. If someone has a problem with me, I feel that’s their business and their problem, not mine – if someone feels the need to say something, then by all means, say it, I’ll listen to you. But, personally speaking, I am not and will not go out of my way, out of doing myself, to worry about whoever is salty and why they are salty. Sorry not sorry, I just don’t work like that.

Image result for salty memeHere’s a ‘just the tip’ moment – the key to not being saltyjealous and to not acting out for attention is… (drum roll please)


See? At least I’m nice enough to leave y’all with something positive. Because I’m a great person. And that’s what awesome people do.


Happy Sunday :]



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