I think a lot. Like a lot. Most of the time my thoughts are pretty spread out and random, for example, just an hour or two ago – I started thinking of this random time I was out and about with a friend of mine. I haven’t seen them in… at the time, I’d say, 2 weeks or so (?) So, we meet up and I noticed she had put on make up, which she normally doesn’t. Or I mean she does, just maybe eyeliner and that’s pretty much it. Obviously she looked really good, and in my head I was thinking,Related image “Whoa, she looks real good”. So, fast forward almost a month later to me sitting in front of my computer, right at this exact moment, typing all this out and thinking HOLY SHIT I DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TELLING HER THAT SHE LOOKED GOOD – I PROBABLY JUST HAD THE DUMBEST SMILE ON MY FACE THE WHOLE TIME.

And that is where we are currently. Or where I am currently. See, wasn’t that random? Anyway, compliments. I feel that we don’t give enough of those nice words out anymore. I know I didn’t get them a lot growing up, only because my dad was a military guy and his motto was always ‘if you are doing your job correctly you wouldn’t need a compliment. The compliment is you doing your job – and if you aren’t doing your job, then you’ll hear something from me’ – at least something to that effect. I guess another example is while I was in school, I didn’t get a lot of ‘good jobs’ or ‘that’s awesome’ etc for getting good grades or achieving something – getting good grades was supposed to be my job and if you are doing your job correctly you shouldn’t need to be praised.

Well, I do agree somewhat that if you are doing your job you shouldn’t need compliments or praise, but at the same time, it would be nice to hear some positive words here and there – I mean, it’s not hard to tell someone ‘hey good for you and your promotion’ or ‘this food is the bombdotcom’. Image result for anime cry faceAnyway, moving on, last week a good friend of mine randomly text me, “I’m having Chris withdrawals”. And when I got that text I felt, happy inside – to know that someone misses my company. I was literally like ‘aww’ and I immediately felt positive and warm and mushy inside. I think I didn’t really have such a good night before and I went to bed in a negative mood. And then I woke up to that, that simple 4 word sentence – just made my day better. Now, imagine how others would feel if you let them know that you missed them, or complimented them on something. You never know who is having a bad day or had a bad night or is having a shitty month – and seriously, just to hear a couple words of encouragement could help them overcome whatever is holding them back.

Which is kind of why I’m talking about this random topic right now. I don’t know what made me think about this, maybe I think of her subconsciously or something, but I really wish I said something to her that night instead of just think it over and over again in my head. Well, more proof that guys are slow I guess hahaha. My philosophy for the past three and half years was ‘if I think it, then I should do it’ – and it’s worked out well so far (Except for this). And when I say ‘if I think it, then I should do it’, I mean, for example, if I woke up Image result for shia labeouf just do itand thought to myself ‘huh, I should probably work out after I eat’, then I would make a conscious effort to do so. A lot of the times we think about doing things, but never actually get to doing them for whatever reason – maybe we think about doing something and then a couple seconds later we shoot it down and say ‘nah, that’s stupid’ or ‘that would be weird if I did that’ or ‘I’m too lazy‘ etc. These are excuses – things that keep you from doing what you want to do. And trust me, I used to be the king of excuses.

Four months into the new year and I’ve already done a lot of things that I thought of Image result for i want to live memedoing, except sky diving. I bought a ticket to go sky diving for my birthday last year but, it seems, I still want to live, so I won’t be going sky diving. I mean, the way I see it is, it would be more memorable if I went the week of my birthday or even on my birthday (imagine if my parachute didn’t open, what a memorable birthday that would’ve been hahaha). But now, its like, I want to live and the fact that its not on a special day just makes me not want to do it anymore. I’ll probably get around to doing it if I have someone who really pushes me to do it with them. At the time it was just a thing I wanted to do to ring in my dirty thirty.

So, give compliments. Say nice things. Tell a girl she looks lovely. Tell a guy he smells nice. Tell your brother he’s not that big of a douche. Tell your sister shes not that bitchy once you get to know her. Tell your parents you love them. Tell that girl you fancy you want to take her out on a real date. Tell that guy that you like that you fancy the shit outta him. And stop playing games people. Trix are for kids. Just do it. Nike. Swoosh.

Oh, did I mention that I might have a stalker??? Well…

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