Vent Server For One, Please

Image result for jackie chan confused memeSay, hypothetically, I have this friend. It’s a girl (of course it is, why wouldn’t it be). Now, say this friend has never liked any of the girls I was interested in and has never liked any of the girls I dated also. Yeah, it was ‘cute’ at first, because she’s just ‘looking out’ for me and wants the ‘best’ for me. But what defines ‘best’? How do you know something or someone is the ‘best’? And best for whom? For example – the last relationship I was in, I was happy, for the most part, but it wasn’t the ‘best’ it could have been because my friend didn’t like the girl I was dating; no matter how much I told her the girl I was dating is actually a cool chick she didn’t really care, which in turn hurt my last relationship somewhat (adding to all the other shit that we were going through). Let’s get one thing straight though, my friend not liking the girl I was dating wasn’t a big issue, it was more like a “well I guess we can’t go here because she’s gonna be here… wanna do something else?” kind of thing. Well, when that ended, we started hanging out again (since we lost touch when I was dating whatsherface) and now, apparently, she is not approving of whatever she thinks is going on between me and this other friend of mine. Confusing huh?

My thoughts on this – who. the. fuck. cares.

Obviously if you are my friend, I respect your opinions (yes, I put that respek on it). BUT, at the end of the day, it is still your opinion – that doesn’t mean I have to follow or listen to your opinion, just like you have the freedom to not listen to whatever I have to say either. That’s the beauty of an opinion – if you don’t like it, move on. And if you are the one giving the opinion, move on also. What is so hard about that?

Look, I have opinions all. the. damn. time. My friends come to me for advice and they ask what I think. I tell them what I think. And at the end of the day if they take my advice or not, it doesn’t mean they are being a dick – it means they didn’t take my advice and they are going to go about whatever business they have on someone else’s opinion or a combination of opinions. It doesn’t affect me in the slightest if someone doesn’t take my advice cuz its fucking advice and not tell me how to live my life according to you.

So, said friend doesn’t like my other friend, not because she’s had first hand contact with her or has had a conversation with her – she doesn’t like her based on how my other friend feels about it.

Image result for jfc memeImage result for facepalm memeImage result for black girl what meme

I seriously have to ask, what the fuck is up with this high school drama. I seriously feel like I’m dating these two. And my other friend. Damn. That’s a story for another day, but long story short – said friend stopped talking to me because I am more friends with my friend than they are.

Image result for kermit none of my businessAnd you know what the funny thing is? Whatever these two friends of  mine thought was going on between me and my other friend at the time, wasn’t even going on.


SO anyway, back to the beginning. Yes, she is my friend, but I’m sorry, this time, I’m not going to care what she thinks – whether or not you think whoever is good for me or that you want ‘the best’ for me. If you see me, happy, smiling and enjoying my life with whoever I am with, why would you want to shit on that? My friend has dated less than savory people and their second to last person they dated I didn’t even like. Even the one my friend is with right now, I didn’t really like either BUT I, like what a good friend is supposed to do, got to know them on a personal level and I realized I was wrong and they are super chill. Main point is, she was happy so I didn’t say anything else on the matter – one and done. Seriously, I’ll let you know your boyfriend/girlfriend aint shit, and that’s it – if they make you happy then I’m gonna stfu and watch you two be happy. Be there for you when you aren’t happy and not judge you and give you the side eye every time i see you with them. If you guys break up, then you break up, but at least you were happy, while it lasted. Which brings me to my own case – do none of these friends of mine get the bigger. fucking. picture? You see your boy happy or your girl happy being around someone else, why would you want to fuck that shit up? If you fuck it up you Image result for the world may never knowbetter have a replacement and a bottle, and at the moment I doubt these two have a replacement. AND, that isn’t even HALF of this convoluted story. That is just the tip of the fucking ice berg. AND this is all going under the pretense that there is something going on between me and my other friend. Or isn’t there? Who knows? Since that’s between me and my friend and is not the scope of this blog.

Everyone who is anyone is low key looking for approval. Whether it be from their parents, teachers, co-workers, or friends. But there comes a point where someone else’s approval, when compared to your own happiness, DOESN’T. FUCKING. MATTER. I’m not looking for approval from no one but me, myself and I. And honestly, I still consider them my friends – though I am really really low key annoyed at them right now.

Sometimes, being a good guy sucks

Sometimes, being a good friend sucks.

Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being me though. Just saying. It sucks.

Anyway, I’m going to keep doing me. Being me. And if my friends have a problem, talk. If not, then there’s nothing to talk about.

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