I met a girl… (part I)

…and I am just in awe at how much I feel like I’ve known her for so long already. Even though officially unofficially it’s been only 3 weeks, it feels like it’s been a couple months. Like, what the hell, really? Lol… so, the story so far –

The last batch of new trainee’s came down one morning and as usual, I am looking around to see if any of them were cute. One of them was pretty cute and in the back of my mind, I was hoping that they would sit next to me since the desk next to me was currently empty. 3 weeks pass and they come down for a department meeting one last time as new trainees before they got sent down to the big leagues and I see her again. This time she’s wearing make up and I was like, dang she’s pretty cute I hope she sits next to me and I get to be her team buddy. The girls around me know my routine, so they too were looking at the new trainee’s to see if any of them would be ‘perfect’ for me. My friend who sits behind me said ‘Hey what about her? She’s cute, she looks like your type’. I don’t know what I said, I think I said ‘Nah, she probably has a boyfriend’; only because every single girl I thought was cute down in our department had a boyfriend or was married. So lame. Anyway, she ended up not sitting next to me so that was a bummer and I soon quickly forgot about her.

A week or two passes and my friend who sits on that end of the room says my name out loud and points to me so naturally, hearing my name, I look up and start walking toward her to see what was going on. She was telling her (the girl I thought who was cute) that I liked watching anime also (I guess they were talking about who likes watching anime). So I talked to her, introduced myself and started talking about anime. She asked me about gintama (which I’ve heard of but never watched) and I asked her about one punch man (funniest anime I’ve seen in awhile) and she’s heard of it but never seen it also. Then that was it. We had to go back to work and that was it for another week.

This week I didn’t talk to her, but I was talking to my home boy who sits 2 seats behind her. I was standing there talking when I feel a poke and I turn around and it was her. She poked me while walking by and I turned around and said ‘What’s uuuppppp’ and she said ‘heeeeeeeyy’ and that was it. Lol. I know, not very interesting, but still, I remember.

Then one day I was around that end of the room and was trying to plan a Friday at our favorite korean place to drink soju after work. I asked everyone and I asked her if she wanted to go. She kinda said yes but at the same time she was like not sure, so I said I’d email her the details. So, that’s how we started emailing eachother at work. At first it was like just to invite her out, then she slowly became one of my favorite people to chat with at work through email. But I’m getting ahead of myself. That day I thought she was going to at least stop by my desk and let me know whether or not she would go, but nope, she just upped and left. Just like that. I was bummed haha. Anyway, like I was saying, she became one of my favorite people to chat with through email at work. Like, she was funny and she laughed at my stupid jokes/observations. She made me laugh too. We didn’t start talking regularly until a week or two before she left, but still, it was something.

The week of Halloween was kind of where I feel things started to get interesting. It was Friday, 2 days before halloween and we had this occasion at work. We all came in dressed up (if we wanted to) in halloween costumes. I came in as professor Utonium from the power puff girls, while the 3 girls around me came in as blossom, bubbles and buttercup (technically only blossom came as blossom, the other 2 came as the teenager versions of the power puff girls, but that’s besides the point). The girl, who we will call T, came in as red riding hood. I saw her come in and was like, whoa, she’s… pretty hot in that outfit. Lol. Anyway, the day continues, we eat lunch catered by some lame company, walk thru a ‘haunted’ maze and take photo booth pics. Diverging a little bit, it’s funny because this whole time I was interested in the ‘ex bae’, as I’ve written so much of in my past blogs. That day I did get to talk to her and be around her, which was nice, but other than that, nothing else happened. Ok, so now back to the main, at the end of the day, T came up to me and was like ‘Why’d you take off your coat? I wanted a picture with you’. Now, this surprised me just a little, seeing as how we’ve never really hung out during break or lunch, and have only talked thru email. So, I put my coat back on and got ready to take a picture and I noticed it seemed she wanted to put her arm around me for some reason. But I was hesitant because I knew she had a boyfriend at this point. But, took the picture anyway and that was it. She was trying to get me to go to the haunted hotel with her and some of our coworkers also but I was like, in my head, ‘ehhhh that place isn’t even scary’ lol. She ended up giving me her number and from there, we began texting eachother. I thought she was gonna text me the night they went out but she didn’t and I was bummed. I remember thinking, damn, I thought we were friends! Hahaha… anyway, I was also inviting her to go to my favorite’s place for a halloween party and she was iffy about it. She said she wanted to take her brothers out for halloween so she wasn’t sure. The night came and I went to the party and was texting her throughout the whole night, which was weird cuz, didn’t she have a boyfriend? Well at the time I didn’t know the deal, but it did strike me as odd why she would want me to drunk text her and just text in general that night. She ended up not going and did something with her cousins instead.

Then… the week of November 1st. Wow. What a week this was. My friend/co worker was leaving at the end of the week so I decided to get some people together to get drinks after work. This happened on Wednesday. Finally T was going out to something I planned! Ahaha… anyway we ended up just going to the brewery across the street from work. We had drinks, I only had one beer (I am on my healthy/excercise thing right now). I sat next to her that night and I remember telling her which beer to get, what happy hour food to get. We had some conversation but not too much. At the time I couldn’t tell that she was nervous or anything since she seemed fine to me. We spent about an hour there and then we had to go. I downed the rest of her beer with the promise that she was going to go out friday to our other co coworkers birthday party for karaoke and that she was going to drink there. So, she agreed and I downed her beer. We walked out, said bye, and were on our way to have a smoke. Me, my homeboy and his sister were smoking for a bit when my other friend called us over because T wasn’t feeling too good. I walked over and saw her lying on the grass and asked what happened. She said that she started feeling dizzy and blacked out for a second. Whoa. So I said id see if I had gatorade in my car to give to her. I was thinking maybe her fluids were not balanced or her salts were not balanced which lead to the blackout. Anyway, gave it to her, she drank it and all 6 of us sat on the grass with her to keep her company. Then, one by one they all left until it was just her and I sitting on the grass. We sat there and talked about everything and nothing for 3 hours. 3 hours on the grass. I learned a great deal about her and I think she learned some things about me. I found out why she was moving away or was going to move away. I gave her some advice on the situation – impartial advice – so maybe it would put things in perspective for her. I told her that right now you should do you and do what makes you happy. Do what is best for you. I asked her if she sees herself marrying her boyfriend and she said no. Then I said well, then why would you move out there so far away from everything when you don’t want to marry him? She was conflicted because she was making all of these friends and her life was actually starting to pick up (she moved here last year). She didn’t want to lose that, and I understood.

Then the weird part (but in a good way) was when she told me out of the blue that night she had a crush on me for the longest time. Wait, what?! So we talked about that for a bit… I told her I was disappointed to hear she had a boyfriend and yeah. That was the end of that conversation. We talked about life and anime and games and stupid shit. We were sharing stories and laughing on the grass for 3 hours. It felt like I was talking to an old friend I had just re-met again after so many years. It wasn’t weird, it wasn’t uncomfortbale – it felt nice, natural. Sadly though, we had to go home. I hugged her goodbye and we went our ways.

Then on friday… (tbc)


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