Why can’t it be what it is? (part 3)

Today was the Halloween party at work. We all came dressed as something, I went as Professor Utonium from the Power Puff Girls, while the 3 girls around me came as blossom, bubble and buttercup. Technically only the one who was blossom was even remotely a power puff girl, while the other 2 looked like the adolescent versions of the power puff girls. Ah well, it was all good we still had fun though. Day started off fine, just talking in squad chat. The ex bae came in as ‘bae-max’ from big hero 6, which I thought was super clever hahaha. Everyone thought I worked in the lab which was funny also just cuz I had a lab coat on.

So first break comes along and this girl I haven’t talked to in awhile walks past me and then looks back and asks me what I’m supposed to be, so I tell her and she’s like you need to have your ppg’s around you at all times so ppl will know who you are. We just small talked for a bit, she was katniss from the hunger games, which was cute. I was actually trying to figure out her name for the longest time today since I didn’t want to just keep calling her ‘hey’ haha. Anyway, found it out so now it won’t be weird if I see her around.

Time for lunch, 1230, we all go out to eat. Fast forward and we are all taking pics in the photo booth area and everyone else left except for ex bae and 2 other people. Here’s the interesting part – she was seriously standing shoulder to shoulder with me, bumping into me a couple time, like leaning in to be just a little closer. I thought that was surprising, considering that I’ve only mostly talked to her in squad chat and not really much in person…

..which leads me to believe that she too finds me interesting – either in a friendly way or a more than just friendly way, which is nice, cuz finally I sorta know. So that was fun 🙂

But i dont wanna play it like my work friend plays it, where he swears all the girls want him. I honestly don’t care what girl wants me, as long as its the one I’ve been eyeing 😉

OH and during second break as I was walking outside I was passing by her and we were smiling at eachother for what seemed to be a longer amount of time than should be alotted for a friendly walkby-smile. Lol. Damn now I really sound like whats his face. Ok, well, I’m just journaling it up for the future. Tomorrow is the party at the work baes house, I’m super confident that she will go. Kind of. Sigh. Please go.



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