Why can’t it be what it is? (part 2)

Well… each day keeps getting better and better it seems 😉

So this morning I get to work and was talking with the homie about the walking dead and what happened, how his weekend went, etc. then the ex bae comes in. He says hi to her, I look, smile, and she walks away. Then she comes back in a little bit and starts talking to me/us. O_o

Totally unexpected, for me at least, since they talk regularly. Something about this and that and rock climbing and she asked me if I’m down to go rock climbing and I said sure why not? Boom. But that’s the the interesting part.

I asked the work bae if she is telling her anything about me and she said the only thing she’s said about me was in response to  her when she told her what type of guys shes into. (ie. hot nerdy/dorky guys). Work bae says ‘chris is totally a nerd/dork’ and ex bae responds ‘i don’t talk to him though’ and work bae responds ‘well you should’.

So… yeaaaahhhh 😉 tomorrow’s another day so well see what happens with that. moving on up inch by inch haha

on an unrelated note, i finally met up with my elementary school homie for the first time in 10 years. he lives near my work so i figure why not stop by and have a couple drinks and catch up. well, this dude is now my inspiration. he didn’t go to college and is making a shit ton of money, while i have a degree and i’m still saving money for whatever i want to use it for. all he did was study coding/web design and now hes an ‘engineer’, and i use the air quotes liberally cuz he uses them also. He doesn’t even have any idea how he has the title of ‘engineer’ when he didn’t even go to college. He was telling me that this intern he was teaching has a masters degree and he didn’t know jack shit about what he was doing. I was like damn yo, that is crazy; i mean this guy has changed so much in 2 years. I’m not jealous, because I know that I will be somewhere in the next year. I just started to turn my life around right quick, 0-100, this year and i have one more year to just be awesome with it.

would be nice to share it with someone though.. cough cough ;P


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