Why can’t it be what it is? (part 1)

I woke up this morning in an awesome fucking mood. I didn’t even get to sleep much either so that was new. Got my haircut yesterday too. Anyway, something was different about today, I could just tell; and it was.

shutterstock_146933723Got to work and first thing the girls I sit next to was ‘damn nice hair chris’, and I was like thanks! ‘and that jacket damn’ and I was like thanks! Haha I wore my white shirt, that new biker jacket I bought last month but couldn’t wear it till this morning cuz it was actually cold this morning. Then my friend that sits behind me came in and was like ‘wow I really like your hair like that’. Not just once, but at least 3 times throughout the day today. Guess it was time to stop giving a ‘crap’ about not doing my hair huh? Hahaha

Anyway, sometime before break me and the work bae were talking about how I asked the ex bae out to DnB’s – how I did it, what did I say, what did she say etc. I told her the story and she said she’s proud that I’m jumping more out of my comfort zone, cuz I told her that I never would have done that ever. But, I am glad I did, because I am done with the ‘what if’s’ in life – I’m going to be a doer instead of a thinker.

Then we ended up talking about how things happen for a reason and how the universe always finds a way to make things align and how the laws of attraction are real – if you want something real bad you will attract it and you will get. Funny she should mention that because…

…she sends me an email after break. In it, she was talking to ex bae about what kind of guys shes into. She said, and I kind of quote ‘I love the hot nerdy/dorky guys’. I thought, hmmm… nerdy/dorky? check. Hot? only when I do my hair. So check for today. So far so good right? Is my foot in that door yet? Just then…

…the work bae accidentally adds her to our group chat. Instead of putting someone else with a similar name, she typed out her name instead and she started talking in our group chat. Well, talking isn’t the word; more like making fun of the work bae (I guess it’s their thing) and I am just having the time of my life laughing in my head at how mean/funny she is. My kind of girl, right? I don’t like/have never liked the girly girls. They are too annoying. But she ain’t no girly girl – at least from what I can tell. And from what she told the ex bae.

So if you don’t believe in the ‘universe’ or the ‘laws of attraction’ after all this happened, then I don’t know what to tell you.

4 more days till the halloween party… ;D


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