Well that was random

So my friend was texting me randomly when all of a sudden –

– “Your worth more than all those girls u try to get with. Instead of thinking if u are good enough for them, u should be thinking if they are good enough for u”

Went from 0-100 right quick; we weren’t even talking about that hahaha. But, id did make me think: Have I really been thinking if I am good enough for her?

I know a good 90% of me isn’t really worried if I’m good enough, though there is that 10% that sometimes creeps up, especially when I’m around her and/or about to talk to her. Like, I overthink about what I’m going to say, which in turn makes me not say anything at all, or if I do say something, its usually just one sentence and that’s it.

I guess the trick is to imagine that she is just like all my other girl friends and talk to her like I talk to them.

But then if I did I might inadvertently give off ‘friend zone’ vibes which I am totally not.

But then if I didn’t then I wouldn’t say anything at all.

So I guess a middle ground needs to be found – a friendly interested zone. Friendly, yet interested; why didn’t I think of that sooner!?

So the work bae is having a halloween party at her place this saturday and she’s gonna be there also…

…guess I’ll let yall know how that goes 😛


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