It is what it is, I guess

memes-graciosos-de-jackie-chan-8So like, why is it that 90% of my co-workers are women, yet 85% of them all have boyfriends? Seriously? Is God or whatever higher power out there playing a joke on me
I’ve never been friends with so many women in relationships before in my life. Wth happened to all the single women??? Ok let’s rephrase the question – why is it that all the women I’m interested in or remotely interested in all in relationships?? Well, you know, except for her though, aka ex-bae, but you know, I’m just saying.

But on a serious note, I think that right now I wouldn’t be ready for another serious, steady relationship anyway… It’s just, I seriously have never had so many female friends in relationships. They usually are single or dating. I mean, I’m not that guy who keeps girls just for stuff. I actually have more girl as friends than guys and thats kinda how its always been. Just now I’m the 5th, 7th, 9th wheel every time we go out. Sigh.

On a more serious note, maybe its just my time to be single for awhile. I’ve always been in relationships. Yes. I was a habitual relationship jumper. The longest I was single was sophomore-junior year of college. Cringe. I know.

I think I’m just gonna give up on dating. Meaning I won’t actively try and seek out a date. I mean yeah if I’m having a conversation with an interesting girl then I’d probably suggest going out sometime but I’m not gonna walk up to random girls at a bar or whatever and ask them out. If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t then oh well.

But really, I just need one single, platonic girl friend who’s down to hang out whenevers to go out with whenever I go out with my other friends.

*drops to knees, looks up at the sky* Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!


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