Just do it

maxresdefault (3)Dang it’s been a long time since I last posted. (I mean from the last time, which was a couple weeks ago, then before that, couple months ago). Anyway, something interesting happened today – my friend asked out this dude she’s been eyeing for some time now, and he said yes.

Why is this news? Well, I myself have been eyeing someone at work for awhile now and want to ask out… and ‘a while’ is around the last 2 months or so. I mean I don’t really talk to her since she is at the far end of the room and I have no real business going over there, unless its to talk/hang out with the work bae (yes I just used that word. smh). Interestingly enough, she has been helping me (or herself haha) getting to know her since I can’t. Which is awesome…

…since she has been coming around lately to where I hang out with work bae. I’m not big on ‘signs’, but if I had to count, I’d say there are already some subtle signs she’s interested (or at least notices me).

First, while I was hanging out at another friends area, the work bae was telling her about me. Said that I was filipino-ish (since my mom’s side is all white and crap, most likely some Italian/Spanish there, but I’d like to think Italian since my last name just rolls off the tongue if said with an Italian accent haha). She told work bae she thought I was mexican and then looked at me for a bit. According to work bae she said ‘looked you up and down’. I didn’t notice since I was in another conversation with someone else.

Then, I was talking about my date today that I didn’t want to go on anymore and she overheard and was telling me to just tell her I have overtime and couldn’t make it. Work bae said don’t be a dick, be a nice guy and I said I’m already a nice guy and I wasn’t gonna be a dick about it. Then the girl I’m interested in says in a low voice “I actually go for nice guys like you”. Again, I didn’t hear this, work bae did, but I did hear her say she ‘likes nice guys’.

Today, I’m at work baes area just hanging out when she comes back in. I actually don’t know how exactly this happened, but she ended up coming to where we were at and started kinda small talking me (since we were both talking to work bae) and offered me (I know, lame, I sound like a geeky highschooler) some candy. And that was that.

I mean there’s other little signs also…. But my gut is telling me she’s interested so I’m going to have to go with my gut on this one. Which brings me to my friend who asked out the dude she’s interested in.

We were having lunch today and she kept on talking about how she likes this guy blah blah blah. I mean, she has talked to him before so they are somewhat acquainted, right? So for me its a little different since I’ve never had a conversation with her until today, kinda. Anyway, as I’m driving home she squad texts us and tells us she asked him to hang out and he said yes. I was like wow in my head. She just started talking about this guy today (but I mean she’s liked him for awhile also) and she just does it like Shia Labeouf and he says yes. Wow.

Which brings me back to my current predicament. I have absolutely no problem talking with girls or even friend zoning them (95% of my FB friends are girls), it’s just the ones that I’m interested in I get hung up on. I’m not saying I can’t be myself around girls that I like, I just tend to think more about it as opposed to when I’m talking to a girl I don’t like. When she told me why she did it, it reminded me why I started this blog at the beginning of this year. I had come from a stagnant environment – never moving up or down, just staying in one place. Never taking risks and always living life in a comfortable little bubble. I broke out of this in so many ways this year and have made and exceeded my expectations on what I could achieve, but somehow I forgot this one little idea I told myself – “whenever I think of doing something, I’ll do it, because it’s better to know than to be always wondering what could have been”.

I guess I just needed a wake up call from my friend to bring me back into this mindset that I forced myself to have. So, I have until Saturday to ask her out to Dave and Buster’s for my friends birthday. We work till Saturday so I have 2 days. I’m going to try not to overthink it and just do it; no matter what happens, at least I’ll know and that’s all I could want, right?

But seriously though, how could any girl say no to me? 😉


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