And now all I can do is smile

Hey what’s up hello! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Dang, maybe like 2-3 months?! Well, lets get this ish started eh???

Well… what a turn of events this has been. I was going to write about my recent experiences into the dating world and how all of a sudden my online profiles been blowing up like crazy and how girls seem interested in me again… online and off, but I guess things happen for a reason right? Well, as I was warming my dinner, I flipped through the dating site I was on and noticed a familiar face. No, not my ex, but her cousin. Awkward right? I wasn’t sure if it was her so I messaged her and it was! She actually just broke up with her boyfriend of 6 years (similar to my situation last year) and was on this site. Obviously this piqued my curiosity so I kept talking to her (no, just friendly talk, that’s just awkward) and I can tell that she is feeling what my ex felt when we broke up and, to some extent, what I felt during that time.

I know I said I wanted to write about my dating life, but instead I want to write her an open letter – but not sure whether or not to give it to her…

“Hey so I know this is gonna be kinda long, so just bear with me. I know that you just broke up with your boyfriend of 6 years, literally, 4 days ago… and I know that you are angry, pissed the fuck off and you just have a billion emotions going through you right now. You might be asking yourself why this happened. You might be blaming him for what happened. You might be feeling like it’s his loss, his fault, he should’ve treated me better etc. I’ll tell you right now, that yes, it is his loss. A lot of guys, unfortunately, don’t get it, they don’t understand, until that person is out of their lives. Reality will hit and he will definitely feel all that at some point… it may not be this week, this month or even by the end of the year, but I guarantee you that he will realize that he made a big fucking mistake by letting you go. It works differently for guys. Somewhere down the line he’s gonna realize what he did and, hopefully, change for the better. A lot of people aren’t too keen into putting in the extra effort in relationships anymore nowawdays… but would you be willing to let all of that history go if he does change? If he does realize what his mistakes are? I’m not gonna lie, he’s probably having the time of his life right now, not even thinking about this, and I know you are, which is why you are on here. But it’s only because both of you are hurting… Like I said, I’m not telling you what to do or anything… 6 years is a very long time to be with someone. I can tell you right now that dating right away isn’t going to fix the pain. It’s a temporary fix, yes – its fun, meeting new people, experiencing new things and enjoying your time with them – basically doing the things that you and your bf didn’t do or he didn’t want to do… idk… I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t rush into something you might not be ready for and do something you might regret down the line. You should try to enjoy being single for a while, you might be surprised that it’s more fun than being in another relationship haha… Sorry this is long, I just wanted you to think about this and not just follow your impulses. Remember, 90% of the guys on these sites are creepers or just wanna fuck (except for me lmao), so be careful. Alright, sorry if I ruined your night hahaha… just wanted to let you know. Take care”

And that’s all he wrote folks. Till next time


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