Turnin up with new friends

Yesterday was our last day of training, and we ALL passed! Woo! We all got our competencies signed off and obviously that called for a mini celebration. We are now in the big leagues. We also met with our new leads/supers and our new desks down in the actual DE room. Anyway, I tried to organize something after work so all of us could share a beer together, but the other two dudes bailed on me so it was just me and my new homies A and K.

IMG_9672So throughout the two weeks of training, I’ve hung out with both during lunch and break and they are pretty chill people. I just started getting to know K a little more this week too. So, we decided to grab some drinks at the micro brew across the street from our office. We were hella excited to celebrate because not only was training pretty intense, but the whole day was just filled with growing anticipation of ‘graduating’ from training. We walked in and it wasn’t like your ‘typical’ brewery at all; this one was actually nicer looking and had booths to sit in if you wanted to eat and drink (usually it’s just a big open space with a bar and random tables strewn about for you to hang around and talk). K ‘s girl forgot to put money on her card so she couldn’t get a beer, but it was all good I said I would get her. I ended up buying 2 rounds for all of us (damn does it feel good to spend money again hahaha). Me and A had the 12% Laguinita (which is weird because that’s what we both chose without telling each other what we got) and K had some light Belgian (I used to be a huge fan of Belgians, but now I’m into the dark stuff. So much better). See, the thing is, when you are with great company, there are never awkward silences, and if there are silences, it’s just filled with random laughing/story telling, which was pretty much how that hour and a half went.

IMG_9682After round 3, K had to go cuz she needed to be home for some reason (I didn’t really understand why though cuz I was already messed up by this time). We ended up leaving and she kept tellin us to come over and turn up with her and her friends and me and A were all like, “I dunno, maaaayyybeee, we’ll see”. Well, that ‘we’ll see’ turned into ‘fuck yeah lets go’ (as most decisions are made when drunk, am I right?). So, I followed K back to her place (how I even managed to do that was beyond me. How she managed to do that was beyond me also, swervin an shit hahaha). Ended up parking across the street from her place. She picked me up from my car and drove me into her complex. Met her gf and the rest of her friends in the pool. They are all chill af. Then we went inside her place and basically this is where things start getting a little hazy. I remember taking 3-4 shots of jack with my new homie R with A and were talking (or rather I was listening to R talk) and it was just super chill. Like I have no other way to describe the vibe just chill and super friendly. And then… lets just say I did something that I haven’t done since my second year in college up in LA when I was living on State Street… hahaha I mean it’s not like i was feigning for it or anything, it was kind of just there – so, when in Rome, amiright? Well, that happened but it wasn’t strong because whatever was left wasn’t potent enough (and I didn’t want to do more than what was already there). I think it was at this point that A ktfo in the chair she sat in and that was the end of her night (lmao wait for it). So me and R were chillin, talking about where we grew up, how super chill of a person I am (apparently), how he rolls with only chill people, said he’d introduce me to some of his Lao homies (idk why but cool) etc.

Like I said, I was pretty blasted by this time… I think we were pitching in for pizza, took more shots, smoked hookah for a bit… and then this is where it started leaving: A started to throw up a little in her chair so everyone was all scrambling to get her a bucket; it ended up being an empty corona box (lol). But it wasn’t enough she needed the real thing aka the toilet. Well… I ended up helping carry her to the bathroom where she would not for the life of her get on her knees to throw up. It was funny at the time, K and her gf were grabbing her legs and pulling them so she could put her head in the toilet hahahah. Well, as that was happening, I was eating pizza and watching everyone else just do their thang with the hookah and that other stuff. Finally she collapsed on some random bed (not after hitting her face on the wall… ouch) and there she stayed pretty much till 645 this morning when she called me, asking me where I was lol. After I put a blanket on her I left to hang out with everyone else.

By this time, my level of drunkenness/other was, on a scale of 1-10, a 6. I think it was around 9ish when we went outside to the patio to chill when all of a sudden we heard screeching tires and a loud THUD. We all jumped up and walked outside and all I see is this car that was hit, parts everywhere and smoke coming out. The other car (I learned this later) had driven away from the scene of the crime so whoever got hit was pretty much fucked. After that K‘s girl was like no ones leaving anytime soon cuz the police are gonna be all up in that shit, which was fine I wasn’t in a rush to leave. Me and K started talkin about how ‘interesting’ the night has been and that the reason why A got messed up so bad was cuz she probably hasn’t done this in awhile, which is understandable (cuz if that was me I would probably be in the same boat, I’d be hella messed up too). And also, you know, sometimes people just need to do. So, its whatevers. I couldn’t take her home that night because one, I didn’t know exactly where she lived, two, even if I knew exactly where, there’s a 99% chance that she couldn’t get out of my car to her front door by herself (or with me helping her) so that was pretty much out of the question. Also I wouldn’t have left her with K if I didn’t think she’d be safe there so that’s what I ended up doing. I said my goodbyes to all the chill people I met that night and K walked with me across the street to my car and I drove her back to her place.

From there it was pretty much smooth sailing (except for the random check points I was kinda worried about, but luckily the freeway was less than a mile from her place and I was on it in no time). Came home around 12, shuffled upstairs and just Hulk raged my clothes off and curled into a ball in my bed, trying to not think about the major hang over I was probably going to have the next morning. Next thing I know my phone is ringing. It’s 6:45AM. I look at my phone and A is calling me. I pick up and she’s like ‘I don’t know where I am where are you?!’ or something like that. I’m all like ‘I’m in my beeeed?’ lol. Apparently she didn’t know what happened last night or how she got where she was and in my head I was like “Daaaaang girl if we ever go out out you need to work on your drinking skills” hahaha. Apparently she the only one that turned up hella last night lmao. I remember I had her work ID and sunglasses (they were around her neck so I took it off cuz when she was yacking) which also had her MT card so she couldn’t get home. I told her K would drive her back and it was all talked about already but she took an Uber instead and that was that.

I have to say though, last night was one of the most interesting/fun times I have had this year so far. Never in a million years would I have ever have imagined myself to be hella sociable and just chatty with everyone. So much really has changed since last December and I know I sound like a broken record, but everything really is falling into place and I love it.

On a side note, as I was driving home this song came on in my car… and all I gotta say is interesting



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