5 years ago me didn’t really like driving. Anywhere. Ever. I always found an excuse to not drive anywhere: my car doesn’t get good mileage, it’s too far away, why go there when we can go somewhere closer etc. (I know, so lame). However when I did drive, I usually only had one passenger, which was my ex girlfriend. Other than that, no one else rode with me or I didn’t drive anyone else around. Fast forward to this year, my passenger seat has seen more action than the current state of my love life (I know, so sad).

I started thinking about this on our drive home from work (I gave my new friend a lift home from work. She asked if I could drop her off at the bus stop, but since she lives on my way home, I’d just drop her off there. Why not?) about how no other person has sat in that passenger seat except for my ex. Again it was a weird feeling, as if that seat was ‘specifically made’ for her and now it was being used and abused by other people (guys and girls). I know, it was just a random thought, but why did it leave such a weird taste in my mouth?

I guess it’s because I was so used to seeing her riding shotgun with me, changing the music, turning down the music, turning up the music, rolling down the window she broke, seeing her dance in her seat, hearing her yell ‘ohhh that’s my jam!’. I’m not sad or anything, just got a flashback of what it was like. Do I miss it? Nah, not really. The passenger seat is now open to anyone who wants to ride with me, girls or guys (But more girls. The only other dude to ride shotgun was my homie so it’s ok haha). I thought about how since this year, three girls have ridden in my car (dates or just hang out buddies) and sometimes I would start to reach over to hold her hand  (just like how my ex and I used to do while I drove) and would stop myself mid hand grab. Yeah… that would have been totally weird if I didn’t think it through though haha… But I guess it’s a good thing, you know, to think about the good times we had driving around (although it wasn’t as often as it should have been).

I guess I have to say goodbye to my passenger seat memories and fill it with newer and better ones…


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