Last Saturday I officially completed my first week at my new job. Well, training, but it’s paid so it’s all good. Really diggin the people that I am training with, they are all awesome AND I was able to get ALL of us together to eat lunch for once! I guess it’s just my hidden desire to make friends and my go with the flow attitude that everyone felt comfortable eating lunch and talking about random stuff. Which is weird, because 5 years ago me would totally not even want to bother with getting to know anyone and would just shut myself out. Total 180. I know.

coworker-work-in-officeSo on Tuesday when I started my first day, I wrote about how I ate lunch by myself (so sad, I know) and how I was going to make it a point to get to know someone the next day and have lunch with them. Well, turns out that person was my coworker/training partner that my trainer was training as well. Went to my car to get my lunch and was about to close the door and say ‘screw it, I’ll just eat in my car’ when I then said ‘screw it, I’ll eat in the cafeteria’ (lol). So I walked in, looked around nonchalantly and saw my coworker by herself; she was sitting in front of the window with headphones on, being all anti social when I began to walk up to her. I heard Shia Labeouf in my head just telling me to ‘fucking do it’ (if you haven’t seen his Youtube clip search for it and you’ll understand). So, I walked up to her and said ‘Hey can I eat lunch with you?’ and just like that, friend made. It’s weird, because (as she will be known), was super shy when she was introducing herself during the ice breakers we did on our first day, but in actuality she’s pretty open af. We just got along like that *snaps fingers*. Kinda the same personality as me, but most importantly, we have the same style of joking around and what we think is funny.

We ended up just talking about random stuff, what we do on the weekends, work, food, tv shows etc. When we got back to the office after lunch, we ended up emailing each other while we were doing our papers, which brought the monotony/repetitiveness/boredom to pretty much non-existent; we just made training more fun in a way. It’s funny because while it’s dead quiet in the office, you can hear my key board clacking randomly and then stop, then a couple seconds later, her keyboard clacking and then quiet again. I joked around that our trainers are probably like ‘Wth are they typing we didn’t give them any typing assignments’ hahaha. But its ok since we were also doing our job/learning.

So the next day I made a new friend, my other coworker, who shall be called K. She’s pretty awesome and funny. She saw me sitting by the window and came by to have lunch and I said ‘Finally! I don’t understand why you guys like eating outside and alone it’s more fun with other people’ and with that, the 3 of us sat, ate lunch, got to know each other and talked about random stuff. So I have 2 people I can email now randomly while working. Then on Friday, I got the other guy to sit with us, named S. He’s pretty chill, quiet, but interesting because he was in the Army and likes Game of Thrones and nerdy things (but you can’t really tell he’s a nerd). Then the last guy, who I made friends with on Tuesday finally sat with us and just like that, I single handedly brought all of us together. Woo!

What an accomplishment. A funny thing happened though, on Saturday. Our trainers were asking us what time we wanted to have lunch and everyone was like ‘I dunno’ all while looking at me and then M was like ‘What does Chris want?’ and I’m like, why are you asking me? I’m not your leader. But then I thought about it and technically I was the one who brought everyone together, so I guess I could see how they would see that. But it’s just so weird because that was never me; as in I would never be the ‘leader’ in something. But I guess this year is just full of surprises and changes so I’ll take it 😛

Also, I never thought I’d dL Snapchat… yeah… I did… I know. It’s for the ratchets (according to my cousin). But, A was bugging me about installing it so I ended up giving in (although I told her it’s cuz I was bored haha). We were Snapchatting eachother back and forth yesterday (I was still trying to figure out how to use it) and she help me add some friends (I think she gave me some of her friends which is weird) but hey, the more the merrier!

Well, tomorrow is the last week of training before we get sent down to the big boy office so I hope it all goes well. We will be graded on our accuracy so I have to make sure I am all in the game tomorrow. 🙂


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