Haterade – Try hard platinum blonde manchild in the house

After work Saturday I made it a point to hang with the homie for his birthday shenanigans (although I was obviously late since I had work). He said he was all the way down in Balboa park (and I was in Rancho Bernardo) and was thinking of just meeting up wherever him and his friends end up but I said fuck it! It’s for his bday, I’m driving down! So I drove down and ended up coming up to the back part of balboa park (sigh) so I had to drive around to get to where he was at. I parked and started walking in when he text and apparently was on the opposite side of the park. Fuck! I was like I’ll just walk no biggie but I looked at the map again and holy shit, that was like at least a 3 mile walk. So I turned around and walked back to my car and decided to drive to the front of the park. I got there, parked and as I found them they were all leaving. Fuck! So now I had to go back north. It wasn’t bad because he didn’t have his car so I was able to give him that Uber lift.

We ended up going to this dive bar called Cherry Bomb, which was literally a hole in the wall next to a laundry mat. I told the homie that I liked hanging with his friends because they all go to the most interesting bars that I would never personally think of going to. So funny thing… his two friends (my two friends? or just one, since I didn’t know the other guy) ordered before me and the other friend. They got their drinks but they didn’t tip… and the bartender was like ‘seriously? What’s up with your friends?’ and I was like ‘Uhh… technically….’ but yeah that put us on the spot because we still had to get our drinks from him so now we had to cough up the tip. I mean it’s ok it was only a dollar but still, that dollar could’ve went to another gin and club soda, but hey, whatever, it’s my Friday! IMG_9610
So we got our drinks and played pool for a bit. I’m shit at pool, so I was surprised when they said it was teams. My homie ended up playing for me since I was just interested in chilling and talking to people. Got into some pretty interesting conversations that night, or at least from what I can remember. Something about what is the oldest age you’d fuck? And that napkin thing with the size of your thumb? Wtf? It was all fun though I had a great time. Then his friend/coworker started talking to me about random stuff. I think she’s pretty cute but not really my type, but still, you know, if anything, you know. Ahahahah… IMG_9613
So we ended up leaving and I drove the homie to his car in front of his other friends house. Oh by this time our phones were dead af. He needed to get his stuff inside her place but she wasn’t there so we ended up waiting for a bit, charging his phone and putting air in his tires. We went to a Am/Pm near by and it was a dollar for air. So I went inside to ask for change for fifty cents and the cashier girl, who we shall name cute, basically changed my money, turned on the air and that was it. We were supposed to pay the dollar first, but I guess she was just memorized by my presence she forgot that I didn’t pay her and just gave us free air. Ahahahahaha ok probably not but still, it was funny.

Fastforward to that night, went to Ballast in downtown for my cousins friends party. Technically it was because she told me ‘some girl’ was gonna be there, but I didn’t really feel like going anymore because I found out she was with a man child (wtf?), but it was my homie’s bday and he still wanted to go out so that’s how we ended up there. It was poppin, almost no parking but we lucked out and got one right next to the place.IMG_9618
***Warning: Commence the haterade.***

He’s into white girls, I’m into Asian girls (kinda sorta not really. It’s hard to explain), so it was kind of a good place to meet both. But since my cousin doesn’t know any white people it was pretty much an Asian fest in our corner and I felt bad for the homie. 😥 Anyway, we got drinks (ended up getting him drinks because his ID was expired and the bar tenders were like eagle eye on that shit for some reason) and mingled. Sort of. Since it was my cousins friend of friends it wasn’t as ‘intimate’ (I guess you can call it) as if it was just between immediate friends. Although out of all the girls there, there were 3 that I could be into. One was obviously that one girl (the one with the man boy), another one that I kinda sorta think is cute but not really that into (well I guess I can’t really say that since I only got a brief introduction thanks to the other homie) and this unknown girl who was hanging out with us, but kind of in the corner next to the try hard platinum blonde chick. But seriously tho! Also, it’s kinda hard to go up to people when they are in the middle of conversation and DON’T STOP CONVERSATING… so there went my chance with all three.  😦

FullSizeRender (1)So, the girl with the manboy, I really don’t care (although its just really fun to pretend to). But seriously tho, I saw his pic and… wow… damn… this doo is so young his ball sack hasn’t even dropped yet he’s that young. He’s so young when he picks up the phone and says hello people think he’s a she. He’s so young he looks like he still in 7th grade for the 5th time. He looks like he got that Benjamin Button syndrome, but stopped aging at manchild. He looks like he could be her LITTLER brother. Even Gordon Ramsey thinks he needs to be shoved back in so he can gestate for longer. He’s so young that age identifier app don’t even register his age and just flashes ‘bruh, seriously?’. He’s so young he has to get carded buying coolaid. COOLAID. HE’S SO YOUNG HE’S NOT ALLOWED TO CHEW BIG LEAGUE CHEW. BIG. LEAGUE. CHEW. FORREAL. Ok I’m done with the jokes. But seriously? Ok I’m done. No more haterade. (For those who don’t know, big league chew is just plain old strips of gum made to look like chewing tobacco. See, jokes aren’t fun when you have to explain them)

IMG_9622Anyway, twas a fun night! Next week when I get paid we are all going out somewhere and I be buyin the homie/s dranks left and right. Also, PS4 or Xbox One? All my friends are on PS4… if I switch back… I’ll have to re-learn everything… 😥 first world problems. Also, who’s down to go to the fair on saturday? I know it’s July 4th, I just need to use my ticket 😥 maybe ill ask A to go with me 🙂


One Reply to “Haterade – Try hard platinum blonde manchild in the house”

  1. I see you’re taking this 100 girl challenge quite seriously.
    That dollar could of filled two rounds of flat tires.
    But not to burst your bubble, most gas stations turn it on for free. 😝



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