Throwback Thursday

Some of the best ideas usually come when you are just able to sit and think: like being on the can. Which is where I came up with this – a Throwback Thursday blog! I admit that I do this on Instagram, but sometimes there are just some throwbacks that mean something to you that pictures just don’t do it justice.


Classic. Remember when everyone sang this song when it came out? Remember when everyone who could play piano, even just barley, knew how to play the first couple bars to this song?? REMEMBER?! Yes you do because you are a 90’s kid, just like me! This song was everywhere. This song was the elementary/highschool love song to plenty of couples. This song was the jam that made you say damn. This song was the slow jam to many junior high dances. Kids in talent shows sang this song. You know whenever this song came on the karaoke machine everyone jumped on that one mic just to sing this song. You know you did don’t even lie about it hahah.

Personally though, what I remember the most is that everyone, including me, had to learn how to play it. And this was before google. The internet. So it was either by ear or you had to swallow your pride and have your friend teach you how to play it. But damn, it sure did get the girls tho. Even if all they wanted was for you to teach them how to play it. Haha, good times.


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