Training Day

Myyyy niiiiinnnjjaaaa.

Today was my first day at my new job. And though I wish it was similar to the movie Training Day, it was pretty mundane. And fun. And interesting.

Woke up at 6, bright and early to get ready. Left the house at 645 and totally forgot about 15s traffic and thought I was going to be late. Actually got to work at 740, with 20 minutes to spare. Psyched myself up in the car and reminded myself to own today and make friends. (In the past I was content with just keeping to myself, but I recently found out that I’m a pretty open and friendly person. Weird huh?) Got out at 750, walked to the lobby and it was packed. Apparently it wasn’t just us medical data people, it was also the lab processor people. So there were around 10 people packed into a tiny lobby and I ended up standing.

People are still trickling in and I said to myself, the next person who stands next to me I’m gonna be their friend. And did just that. This dude, which we will name M, is pretty chill. Introduced myself and made small talk (which I absolutely hate doing, I still don’t see the point of small talk) and boom, one friend down. As we were being introduced to our trainers, we got to find out a little more about the company and the new people I’d be with. EVERYONE is a huge nerd, which is super awesome; they all love Game of Thrones as much as I do, so with Walking Dead and other nerdy things. I even have my own training desk, maybe I should bring my GoT vinyls tomorrow?

Oh, also apparently he’s a Cancer and according to zodiac stuff (if you believe in that, I am kinda in the middle) we get along just peachy, which is probably why we hit it off talking. Oh and also my homeboy is also a Cancer which is probably why we are super homies. Fa. Sho.

Started talking to this other dude named S about his time in the Army and how that went. Another pretty chill dude – friend number 2, boom. Dunno if he’s a Cancer though. I’ll find out tomorrow. Lot’s of reading and speeches by our trainers today and I was trying so hard not to fall asleep. Got my ID badge today also so now I can freely leave and come back whenever I want and don’t have to wait for someone to let me in hahaha. I ate lunch by myself though… which was so sad. Everyone went to their car to eat lunch and I went into the cafeteria. That cafeteria though! It’s like a college cafeteria it has everything. And it’s huge. The other girl, A, went into the cafeteria to eat, but ate by herself near the windows. 😥 But its ok though I’m pretty sure I made my presence known to a group of girls I decided to strategically sit across from and peer at from time to time 😉 .

Oh I also kinda got into small trouble for emailing myself the power point slides that we had in our work email. Apparently I can’t send it to myself even to study at home. They want us to study there. So much for being a go getter :/

Goal for tomorrow? Get to know A a little more. When it was time for us to talk a little about ourselves I thought she was gonna have a panic attack because she was breathing alot. And she said she is super shy. But she doesn’t look shy though. So I guess that’s why she kept to herself for lunch. The other girl I kinda talked to but didn’t really connect with, but that’s cool though.

All in all I think I will get a long with everyone I am training with. Also, there are plenty of girls that work at this company for some reason… good for me? Great for me!

AND there’s a micro-brewery right across the street. Maybe I’ll have breakfast there tomorrow? 😛

Goal number 2 – get to know a random girl during lunch. This week. Sometime. Maybe.

And obviously learn how to do my job properly yeah yeah that’s a given hahaha.

That carne asada tho!


2 Replies to “Training Day”

  1. Oh no, you did not bring back “fasho!” Lol!!!# 😂😂😂🙈 Just messing with you, but congrats on your first day! I wish you luck and success. Lol get those digits! 😀

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