What does it all mean?

So I just woke up from one of the most vivid dreams I have had in a very long time – Zombies, a hot girlfriend, time travel through an air vent, restaurant inside a church and more zombies. I’ve always wanted to write about my dreams, so here I am trying to write everything down before it leaves me forever.

the-walking-dead-glen-and-maggieBasically what I can remember, is that there were zombies. Lots of zombies. Why I would even be dreaming about zombies at my age is beyond me. Maybe it’s my brain subconsciously getting me ready for The Walking Dead after that letdown of a season finale to Game Of Thrones… which, btw, I don’t think he’s dead – they didn’t burn his body and Melissandre is at Castle Black so she could put her God of Light magic on him and bring him back. I mean, that maester Kyburn brought back zombie Mountain so if they can do that, why not him? Also, if not, he might become a white walker, or at least the next supreme commander of the white walkers, since the White Walker ‘king’ dude was eyeing him pretty hard in the Battle of Hardholm. ***SPOILER ALERT*** And for further knowledge, the White Walker ‘king’ is actually one of the previous Night’s Watch commander’s from a long time ago. ***SPOILER END***

Can’t you tell I’m a huge GoT fan? Anyway…

Zombies. I don’t know where it starts, but my very hot girlfriend and I are in the middle of a city, running away trying to find shelter. We narrowly escape zombies and lock ourselves in a broom closet. As they are trying to break in we notice that this vent above us is glowing bright orange. I boost her up to check it and she can’t see the end of the vent. It looks like a portal of some sort. So she crawls in and disappears. She says it’s safe for me to go through so I do. Which is kind of a problem because the vent is sort of small. Not saying I’m a big dude, but I’m definitely not a skinny dude. So, with some forceful pushing I managed to escape fully into the portal just as the zombies break into the broom closet.

Then it gets weird. We end up in a restaurant somehow and this restaurant is inside a Church while mass is being held. So weird. So we are eating our dinner (forgot what it was) and having a normal conversation, then this girl sitting abnormally close to me starts talking. I don’t look at her but I know her voice. I still don’t look at her (I guess because it would be weird if I did? I have no idea) and she nudges me so I had to look and it turns out to be one of my ex’s friends from church. But it wasn’t! It was only her voice because this was a totally different person. (Now that I think of it, I think it’s because I watched a clip of that one white woman who was pretending to be black that was leading a chapter of the NAACP lmao). So we talk and I give her this weird look like ‘You’re not who you sound like’… and then zombies burst in!

This time we are actually fighting them, just me and my hot girlfriend, fending them all off with anything we can find. I guess after some time of fighting we see the same glowing bright orange vent in the church/restaurant and we make a break for it. She goes through first and, just like before, I have trouble going through (geez who is making these vent’s so tiny!?). I squeezed into it but lost my shoe due to a zombie grabbing it. We end up back in the broom closet.

It’s quiet, the vent is no longer burning bright orange and we decide to open the door. So we open it and it’s bright outside, people walking around all happy and what not, as if nothing even happened. Weird. Then we walk out and…

… I wake up in real life because I have to pee. And that was the end of that.

What does it all mean?! Is the glowing orange vent a metaphor for something that is right in front of my eyes that I should grab and/or go for? The slight struggle going through, does that represent difficulty? But not so much that I can’t handle it? And the hot girlfriend! Will I now have an officially licensed zombie killing sexy ass girlfriend? Am I really searching for my Maggie? Does the church restaurant represent my hidden desire to eat real food inside a church…?


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