Do I have a type…?

What’s my type? Hmm… I’ve pondered this question from time to time. I mean, I’ve always said that I don’t have a ‘type’, as long as we get a long then it’s all good. But I guess deep down I’ve always kind of known what type girls I go for, but I never really could put into exact words what my ‘type’ is. Until now –

150225-news-empire-cookie-fashion                                                         Cookie Muthafuckin Lyon

Yes. Cookie Lyon is my type of woman.Why?

I have always been attracted to the bad ‘bitch’/strong type of girls (aka Michelle Rodriguez… so hot) – girls that are down for whatever, girls that will be right there in the thick of it with you, has your back with whatever is goin down, a girl that’s not afraid to smack another bitch.

A girl that won’t let you walk all over her, a girl that isn’t afraid to tell you off, one who will tell you straight up if you actin a fool, yet has a kind soul and is protective of those important to her.

And let’s not forget she’s also confident, hot, sexy af (never trashy) and has curves for days son. DAYS.

(I’m most def not into the ‘dainty’ af types of girls that can’t do anything and expect everything to be done for them aka ‘The Princess’ type. I loathe those types and I loathe them hard.)

Well, that’s my type, according to me at least. According to my cousin though, I’m a chubby chaser (I prefer the term ‘curvy chaser‘). What?! Then I thought about it… The last two girls I dated were a little thick… but does that mean I only go for those ‘type’ of girls? How did this even come about?

I was perusing Instagram one night, bored, when I came across this girl who just caught my eye for some reason. I viewed her picture and I was instantly like daaaaammnnnn she is beautiful. She was wearing this blue summer time dress and had a very nice smile. And her eyes! ❤ Long story short, she is apparently friends with my cousins friend, which is great news since now I can meet her in person and see what she’s like. I mean, she is curvy and I mean there’s really nothing wrong with having meat on the bones, just not too much meat lol.

Then my homeboy swears I’m only into Asian girls, which I guess isn’t that far from the truth. My last couple of girlfriends have been indeed been Asian… I haven’t really had the opportunity to ‘taste the rainbow’, but at the same time it’s not like I don’t want to ‘taste rainbow’. Just the opportunity has never presented itself.

Then in my last post about that random cutie that came up to me and told me I was hella cute and asked if she could take a picture with me… was very ‘done up’, as in she was hella done up. Make up for days. Which is uncharted territory for me since I am usually attracted to girls who wear little to no make up. I mean she is cute, don’t get me wrong, just I’ve never dated anyone high maintenance before. But I guess there’s a first time for everything, no?

Another reason why this girl is uncharted territory for me, is because she is tiny. I think she is 5’1 or so and is super petite (is that even the right word?), which is yet another thing I am not used to. The last time I dated a girl who was this small was a gymnast my sophomore year in HS, which was years ago. Every girl since then has been average sized or a little on the chubby side.

But, we shall see where this goes with miss thang 😛

And then this girl came into my life and just… wow

She is a female rapper from the mean streets of Toronto, goes by the name of Honey Cocaine… And I think I’m in love with the honey coco lol. But damn forreal, she is fiiiine AND freestyles hot fiyyaaaa all day err day.

So I guess you could say I am looking for someone who is like Honey Cocaine, but not so thuggish ruggish and more Cookie Lyon-ish. I know you’re somewhere out there, somewhere far away… hmu? 😉


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