Life – Falling Into Place

Today is June 7, 2015. I started this blog on on January 1, 2015. Six months have passed and what do I have to show for it?

Falling-Into-Place-1024x458So far, in the attempt to get my life back together, I decided on doing network security, since I spend most of my time on the pc anyway, might as well make money doing it. Well, I did that for two months and decided that wasn’t for me. Then I decided to start my own side business of catering food to small parties and events. I figure chicken is where it’s at: it’s simple, light (depending on how it’s cooked) and everyone loves chicken. So that’s what I focused on for another two months. I perfected the art of chicken frying, super crispy, but not dry. So I got that on and off going for me (thanks to my cousin for inadvertently giving me the idea when she asked me to make Korean wings). But that wasn’t enough of a life change for me. Then, I looked into going back to school for my masters degree in strategic business, since I figure I’m more of the behind the scenes kind of guy, you know, always making things happen but never seen. So mysterious I know. So, I studied my butt off for the GMAT, got a test prep book and did that for another two months. When I was about to sign up for the exam, I realized that the due dates for applications were May 1, not June 1, like I had written down. Wow. So much for that. There wasn’t any point in me taking the GMAT in so soon of a time frame because I couldn’t apply to my top 5 schools. The bottom 2 out of the 10 that I wanted to apply were the only one’s accepting applications all year round. Even then I didn’t want to apply there because I wouldn’t have any grants that I could use for housing. I was discouraged for a day, but I didn’t let that stop me. As soon as I found out, I started looking for different ways to improve me, and one of them was teaching English abroad. I figure, I’m single, awesome and great at English, so why not? So I looked into that for a couple days, found brochures and schools that would certify me for the TEFL cert. What changed? Probably the single best thing that has happened in my 6 month journey to better myself: I FINALLY GOT A JOB! Woo! Super stoked to start in two weeks. I know it may not seem like much, but after being let go from the first job I got after graduating college, I was out of the work force for about a year and a half. I’ve been applying to everywhere and have gotten no where, until last Friday. (If you are reading this, sorry cryssieme, looks like I won’t be able to update you on my experiences teaching English abroad 😥 lol)

So, 6 months later, I can truthfully say that I have grown up a lot. Instead of sitting on my butt day dreaming about what could be or what could happen, I made the conscious decision to  make them happen. I took risks, I crossed that road and though some didn’t pay off, the single most important aspect of my risk taking did. There’s a moment in time where you just feel so good, so awesome about life that the pieces literally just fall into place. Things start looking up, the sky is brighter, higher and so are you. You feel so ready to meet whatever challenge awaits you. I hope this feeling never goes away because really, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve got my catering side business going (slowly starting to gain customers) and a  close friend of mine wants to help out with canvassing around to get more potential customers. I’ve got a steady job now, Tuesday – Saturday, and the only thing that’s missing is an awesome girl to share this new awesome life with. Haha jk. Kinda. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice? *Beach Boys begin to play in the b/g* (If you are so inclined, visit #tysktsn on Instagram, my makeshift way of getting the word out)

There was this song that I used to always listen to by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Waiting; the lyrics of the chorus are:

“Waiting for this life to change, seems like it’s takin’ me forever
And I can’t hold on, this life is breakin’ into the day
This life is going to change, seems like it’s takin’ me forever
And I can’t hold on, this life is breakin’ into the day”

Those words stuck with me because it made me think of myself and of my situation – the situation of stagnation and my want to break away. My want to change. My life before this year was just that, stagnant, not going anywhere, neither going forward nor backward. Why? A lot of reasons, mainly I wasn’t happy with myself, the relationship I was in and where I was in life. The thing though, was that I didn’t do anything about it. But the last words of the song were the most pervasive:

“Take time, to contemplate
Who you are
and where you want to go
Take time, to contemplate
Who you are
and where you want to go
Into the day”

falling-apart-and-into-placeNow I realize that, what’s the point of being depressed or sad or angry or whatever at yourself? The real point is you do something about it. I was so complacent where I was that I just didn’t really care. I didn’t gain like a ton of weight or anything, it was more mentally that I was complacent – I didn’t bother seeing anything else but what was happening in the now. Now I realize that the future is more important than the now. You have to plan ahead, visualize where you see yourself in a year, two years, three years, and do everything you can to reach that visualization. This guy named Preston Smiles, a Youtuber, actually helped me realize and push me to do something. He made me realize through his inspirational videos that doing something is better than doing nothing. Success is measured not by the number of achievements , but by how many times it took you to fail in order to achieve. You have to lose in order to win – which has been my current mantra. It’s short, yet simple, but makes so much sense. 

Goals for the rest of the year – Work, save money, ramp up the side business, use money for GMAT/Grad school next fall. Work while in school. Graduate. Own my childhood house. Get married. Have kid/s. And as usual, I will keep you updated on the progress 😛

So now, I am once again, a truly happy person. And officially ready to get back in the dating scene. Lol. God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good. 🙂HT_sam_griner_then_02_jef_150413_16x9_992


4 Replies to “Life – Falling Into Place”

  1. Aw man, no English abroad BUT I’m glad that everything is falling into place for you! Praise God! Do you have a website for your business? I think that’s amazing that you’re doing that on the side. I know you’ll get everything you wish for in due time. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and you reminded me that I used to listen to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, so I’m listening to them at the moment. Memories! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice! They were one of my favorite bands back in the day haha. Have you heard of Finch by any chance? All time favorite from back in the day. And no I don’t really have a website, unless you count that instagram hashtag haha. I am thinking of making a facebook page for it though I’ll let you know when I do

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was going through a phase when I was introduced to them ha! I used to play Face Down all the time! No I haven’t heard of them, that’s a shock! Ha, alright. Sounds good. I’ll check out the instagram page in the meantime. Good luck! Oh and congratulations!


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