So, how did you know?

“What do you mean how did I know?”, I asked. “Dude, I mean, how did you know she was the one, you know?”. My mind quickly raced to the very first instance that I saw her… My eyes drifted toward the door to the bar we were at. I watched it open and close at least a dozen times since my best friend and I got there. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single one that caught my attention. So I sipped on my drink and engaged in the usual banter about relationships and the downsides about being single. We humored each other on all the possible ridiculous reasons why when my eyes drifted toward the entrance to the bar once more. This time though, my eyes didn’t leave like they did the past dozen times, no, it stayed. The door slowly opened and, as if by some unseen hand, the volume in the bar began to slowly die down, then silence altogether as the door fully swung open. The reason for my eyes not wanting to leave the door for the 13th time slowly walked in, pausing briefly at the entrance and scanning the place. As she did, her shoulder length, wavy dark brown hair swayed slowly in opposite directions as she looked around. She was small, yet had an athletic build. She didn’t seem to find what she was looking for, so she pulled out her phone and began texting. Then she looked up suddenly, as if she noticed someone from the sea of people, looking at her. And that’s when our eyes locked onto one another. The gaze was only for a couple of seconds, but it seemed to last longer. In that moment where our eyes met, I felt something, something that I’ve never felt before. I felt vulnerable. But not in a bad sense, no. She brushed her hair to one side and let out a small smile before quickly looking down at her phone once more. Not once did I blink, for fear of losing sight of her. Then the noise of the bar began to slowly rise as her friends began walking toward her, culminating full blast when they reached her. Suddenly, I just couldn’t anymore, I blinked – and just like that, she was gone. She disappeared into the sea of people while I took another sip of my drink.

Somehow, someway, I knew I had to talk to her. I sat there staring at my drink, thinking of a game plan of what I was going to say and how I was going to go about doing so. I downed the last of my drink, told the best friend that I would be right back and was ready to go randomly ‘bump into’ her. As I got up, a hand reached out from behind me trying to move into the bar to get a drink. As I was about to say excuse me so I can squeeze past to leave, I looked at who this arm belonged to… her. It was her. Right next to me. My game plan quickly exploded in my head and I had no back up. No plan B. No plan C. Should I stay? Should I go? I started to heat up. I quickly tried to salvage the mess of words I wanted to say to her that night, but I couldn’t. My thoughts and my heart beat were moving too fast for me to comprehend anything. Then it happened again – the music, the noise, the drunk laughter, it all slowly died down once again. Complete silence. Our eyes met once again, close enough this time for me to really see her. The word beautiful simply didn’t do her any justice. No current word in the dictionary could describe how beautiful she was. The way the dim lights reflected off her soft, fair skin, her cute freckles and her eyes… her hazel eyes were so mesmerizing… I just couldn’t look away. I had nothing. I was naked. And afraid. Without any game plan, without any rehearsed words, my lips began to move on its own. I fought against them in hopes to prevent embarrassing myself with whatever words it chose to let out. I lost. My lips began to move on their own and before I could stop them, “Hi”, I said, with a shy smile on my face. Her eyes slowly lit up and smiled just as shyly at me and said, “Hi”.

And that’s how I knew.





Then snapped out of my day dream. *sigh*. Man, I really should just change my name to Ted Mosby or something. Cheers!



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