Another Inglorious Setback

b60695fbfb3297d4e3ca5f33ee39c1d4Oh setbacks. Seems as though this has been the running theme in my life for awhile now. I recently found out that the dates I had written down for the colleges I wanted to apply for grad school were May 1st, not June 1st, which I had originally thought. So what does that mean? Well, out of the 10 schools I wanted to apply to, only two of them are accepting applications on a continuous basis. Meaning the bottom two colleges I wanted to apply to are the only ones accepting applications. Which essentially makes my month and a half marathon GMAT prep all for naught. I mean I could still take it by the end of May, but it wouldn’t really matter because I couldn’t be able to apply for this Fall. Setback? Most definitely. End of the world? Not entirely.

Surprisingly, I’m not even that sad that it turned out the way it did. When one door closes (or in this case, half closes), another door opens. After finding out I missed all the deadlines for the schools I wanted to apply, I began looking for employment/other ways to keep me busy in the meantime. Found a bunch and applied to a bunch, hopefully that pans out. But, what really interested me was teaching English abroad. I’ve heard of it before but I never really gave it a second thought because I’m not really one to teach. But for some reason I decided to entertain the thought.

One, I am single, with no worries and no one I am tied down to.
Two, I can pretty much do and go wherever I want.
Three, a part of me has always known that I’m not meant to be here, forever stuck in this one place
Four, oh, did I mention that I’m single and I can do whatever I want?

Yes, seems as though the travel bug is rearing its head and right now is the perfect (albeit late) point in my life that I can fulfill that. So I began looking up how I could get into teaching English abroad and its actually pretty simple. For most countries, all you need is a Bachelor’s degree in any field (useless Political Science degree, with minors in Global/Health studies? Check). Also, you must be a native English speaker (check). I mean, In n Out double double check for me, right? I’ve always wanted to visit Japan and Korea. I mean, KBBQ and Ramen? Authentic KBBQ and Ramen? Am I right? Oh yeah, can’t forget the most important aspect: soju and sake?! Hell yeah. Richelle

I mean, in 3 months that could totally be me in the picture…surrounded by fobs…doing the peace sign… :/ ]

Then I thought about all the expats that made it in other countries like Japan and Korea, but especially the Philippines. I came across this Australian singer who moved to the Philippines and is now a big hit there. She speaks Tagalog perfectly (puts me to shame that’s for sure) and is well adjusted to life there. I’m not saying I want to be a movie star/famous singer, but if she can do it, why can’t I? Turns out she was having set backs in her native country, so she decided to move and try her luck someplace else. Which, in the end, worked out very well for her. (As well as being a singer, she is now a tv sitcom star, can you believe that?) Hard work, perseverance and the belief that you can, and will, make it.

Ok well I guess that’s not really much of a ‘solid plan’ but it is something… and I’ve learned that doing something is better than sitting around with your thumb up your ass doing nothing. I mean, this is only if the other employment opportunities don’t pan out. Maybe.

“What do we say to failure? Not today!”
– Syrio Forel (allegedly)


2 Replies to “Another Inglorious Setback”

  1. Amazing! I’ve always wanted to study abroad! At one of my old jobs, my trainer had returned from teaching in the Philippines and he said it was an amazing experience. I definitely want to know how this goes for you. Good luck! 🙂

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