It’s only words

Second round of studying for the GMAT starts today and I am no closer at learning new ways to tackle the math portion of the exam. I took the math evaluation, 48 questions, probably answered 30 and got 16 right. 16! Kind of depressing actually, until I took the Verbal portion. Out of 52 questions, missed 2. Yeah. TWO.

Looking back, I’ve never been great at math, as I’m sure many aren’t. So, unknowingly, I guess, I latched on to reading instead of practicing more on math. I was taught to read at an early age, was reading well above my age level in school and I am great with words. Spelling, definitions and pronunciation? No problem. Show me any word and I’ll read it to you in its exact pronunciation. Can’t pronounce chemistry words? Ask me. Don’t know what a word means? Give me the sentence it’s in. 99.9% of the time I will get it right. I was that kid in school that, when picked to read a passage, could read the paragraph WITHOUT messing up and/or asking the teacher what a was. There was no ‘pause’ for taking time to ‘sound out’ a word. I was the kid who would get annoyed when the teacher would ‘assume’ that I didn’t know a word whilst reading aloud and would interrupt me and say the word when I didn’t need any help. I was the kid who thought it was sad that those other kids in my class who were chosen to read aloud couldn’t even pronounce a word in a sentence, would just SKIP the shit ouf of it entirely and act like it wasn’t even in the sentence to begin with. I mean, really now? I love words. I love sentences. I love picking apart sentences and getting a deeper, hidden meaning. Which is why I had absolutely no probelm doing the practice verbal section of the GMAT. What is this author trying to say about this passage? Got it. Which, if assumed to be true, would most discredit the authors proposition? Got it. 505351482_b7e2ea9cfbWhich, if assumed, makes this passage more credible? What is this, 1st grade? Finish a sentence to make it better? I do that for a living. If there was only a job grading papers based soely on comprehensiveness of the written subject, correct word use and citation I would be a millionaire. Sadly, those fall under what teachers do and I for one do not have the patience to teach. English simply rocks my socks. Right Shakespeare?

That’s not to say that I’m retarded when it comes to math. I’m not the greatest in math, but I can do math. I loved algebra and advanced algebra in high school. I hated trig and geometry. Who has time to think about the inverse cosine of trying to figure out an angle? Side angle side? What the hell? Proofs? Ugh I hated all of that. Surprisingly, I did really well in my physics classes though (even in college). 52583832As soon as I got into college I took math classes right off the bat so I wouldn’t have to take them ever again, finishing all my required math during my freshman year. Yes, I can do math, but I hate doing math. Why? When people who love math see word problems as a nice trick they’d like to figure out, I see this:

142921“If John is going to be 20 in 5 months and is driving a Toyota Prius with an EPA estimated 50/51 highway/city, is traveling at10 MPH east and Jane, who is 30 years old, married and has 2 kids, is going 30 KPH northwest, taking into account the wind resistence encountered from a Boeing 757 flying 70,000 feet in the air over the Pacific ocean going 300 knots southward, while the parabolic trajectory of the waning moon during the southern equinox pulls a seagull flying 20 feet from the ocean down at a steady rate of 0.0005 feet per second, at what time will a train traveling 80 MPH in a southeasterdly/westardly angle in Siberia whilst equipped with a second generation twin ion engine (TIE) arrive at the median of the perpendicular intersection of the international date line at exactly 6:42 midnight eastern standard time? Extra credit: How old will Jane’s husband and 2 children be when Jane is 40? (Assume all numbers are real, account for the speed of light, laws of motion and potato).”  What. The. Fuck.

Which reminds me, I had this one ‘friend’ who couldn’t read for shit. No one knows how he graduated highschool or got his AA. Or did he even have a degree? No one knew. So, we used to play Cards Against Humanity. Great fucking game. But not when he would ‘play’ with us. Nope. Every single time it was his turn to read his cards, he couldn’t. He couldn’t read most words on his card because they were ‘big’ words. He couldn’t read! His sentences were choppy! They remind me of how as a little kid I got extremely bored listening to kids who couldn’t read aloud in class try to read! How did you even get a job bro?! He would just laugh at it and show it to all of use so we can all read it and get an understanding at what he’s ‘trying’ to read. Needless to say we were all turned off at playing this game and, most importantly, we lost our buzz! We were no longer tipsy. Nope. All gone. We never, ever played it again thanks to him. Actually, we couldn’t play any games that required reading or we would all just end up hating that game. Which is why we would always just end up drinking. See how much of a turn off it is when you can’t read? You can barely speak proper English? Now he’s no longer my friend so I can say all this crap, but damn… that was an incredibly sad, sad time. Oh, AND he has siblings. And they all speak perfect english…. take from that what you will.

I honestly have no idea where this is going anymore after that story. Just remembering that story makes me want to drink. I’m all side tracked now and I should to get back to studying. I guess the point would be:

I love words?


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