Romantic Musings (part 2)

Do you believe in Destiny? No not the game. Wait, I already said this? Really? Oh yeaaaaah. Ok. Sorry. On to the next part of the story…

romantic_walk_in_the_park-wallpaper-1920x1080So I played the waiting game. I waited. And waited. I sat there glued to the screen waiting for anything to change. Online now? Offline? Yeah, no. I didn’t do that. Ok maybe for like an hour or so then I went back to studying. The next day, I checked with giddy anticipation. No new messages. Uggghh. Ok, back to studying I went. I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind though, that maybe, just maybe this was the universe’s way of giving me another chance at something that I should have taken, but didn’t. Wouldn’t it be nice? To have a happily ever after to your life story? Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic rearing its head. Maybe it’s because the moon is in the 7th house, and jupiter aligns with mars. (HAHAHA… ok, no, really though). Fast forward 2 days later and I got a new message. Yes! I got the notification on my phone but I wanted to read it on a bigger screen so I turned on my pc and logged into match. I clicked on messages and… it wasn’t from the person I was expecting… ugghhhh… it was from another girl who wanted to chat and get to know me. So I sat there and replied to her. I always reply to whoever, no matter if I find them interesting or not. If I don’t, I politely decline. Always. Anyway, as I was about to send I got a ‘Ding!’ on my phone, then a notification on my homepage. I saved my draft to that girl and refreshed the page… there it was, a neon billboard with words that said [New Message]. Was it finally her? I clicked the link. And… it was. I was actually stunned to see it, somehow I was expecting her to not reply back. Looking back on it I may have written/typed out something worse than what I previously typed before my ‘page timeout’. But there it was, staring back at me. “Re: Hi 🙂” (Yes I use emoticons so what? All the girls love emoticons. Right?). I clicked “Re: Hi:)” and I don’t know what I was expecting. A paragraph? Or two? It was literally 4 sentences. FOUR. “That’s not good“, I thought to myself. Nothing is ever good if it’s only 4 sentences long. ‘Hi 🙂 Yes I did work in the bookstore as a temp when I was there. Nice to meet another alum! Did we work together? Sorry, it’s been awhile if we did.’ One, that wasn’t so bad right? Two, she used emoticons! See, girls love the emoticon. Well, I was relieved it wasn’t like ‘hey. yeah, why? you stalking me? secuuuuuuuuuuuurty!‘. How was I going to star craft a response to this? Should I make it longer? Wordier? Should I just tell her my story and be done with it? No that will probably scare her away and make her never want to online date ever again. And I’d be the cause of it. Do I want that hanging over my shoulders for the rest of my life? With a firm no, I resisted the urge to just go HAM on this message. I tried to.

So the message I wrote was about a paragraph, or less even. I made up some story about how I was in the bookstore and she may have helped me find books a couple times. (It wasn’t really a lie, geez). And other random things, like, ‘hows your day going? I see you are a Backstreet Boy fan… etc’. Small talk stuff. Then I sent it. No waiting this time, no word prepping, just sent and gone. I went back to studying, and literally, not one second after I had taken my eyes off the screen I got a new message. Wow. Ok this is weird I’ve never received a message back within that short amount of time. I opened it and it was from her again. “Re: Hi 🙂” (I really just want to emphasize that the girls love the emoticon). She said she sort of remembers me. Sort of. That’s fucking awesome. Sort of is better than a not really. In her message, she said her day was ok, she worked the nightshift so she was a little tired and asked if I used to wear Hollister… My jaw literally dropped. Holy shit. She’s a nurse AND remembers that I used to wear Hollister?! I was literally dumbfounded. Who. What. Where when why how?? I replied, “yeah when I was young, I know it was pretty douchey (blah blah blah)… btw how did you know? or remember?” or something around the lines of that. Send. I couldn’t wait for her to reply. Seriously universe? Are you really this awesome? I was now 85% sure it was her. Unless it was another girl that knew me back then… but then I knew all the girls that knew me back then… except, for the unknown and ever elusive, bookstore chick.

Well, apparently her name is Jennifer. Jennifer, the bookstore chick. Has a nice ring to it right? Hahaha… Anyway, she didn’t respond right away like I had hoped. Maybe she fell asleep at the computer for working late/early? I tried to push my excitement back down, from a 14 to a 5. I was literally that excited. I triedfasdfdasfd to go back to studying, but I just could not stop thinking about it. How awesome would this be if, in fact, this was her? It was around 7pm when I ended up checking my messages again. I ended up cooking, working out and studying (kind of studying. Ok I at most did 3-4 problems from the practice exam). There it was. Her reply. I clicked “Re: Hi 🙂” (ok last time. promise) and… and… wow. The universe really does work in mysterious ways… (please refer to aliens meme on left)


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