Romantic Musings (part 1)

Destiny. No, not the game, the life thing. Destiny. Do you believe in it? I don’t. Kind of. I believe I am the master of my own destiny. Most of the time. But I do think that the universe works in mysterious ways that make you think, ‘maybe things really do happen for a reason’; the pieces always just seem to fit somehow or great things seem to happen when you least expect it. Well, here is a story of one such scenario. Stay awhile, and listen. (Yes, Diablo reference, booya)

14301005046436Remember how I mentioned that I believe that I am supposed to have three (yes, exactly THREE) loves of my life? I wrote about it in a previous blog. Long story short, my palm was read and according to it, that’s what was supposed to happen. (No, I don’t belive palm reading and psychic mumbo jumbo, it’s just fun to daydream about). So, as I see it, I am past 2 loves and I am waiting for my third. Or so I thought. Well, in that same blog, I told a story about one of the few times in my life that I was absolutely enamored/stunned/stupified [insert adjective of ridiculous perpetual beauty] at how mesmerizing this one girl was at my old college up in LA (CSU LA to be more precise). Remember I wrote that she was working at the bookstore on register? Remember? I was in line and was hoping that I would end up at her register? How I was next in line and the girl on register next to her said ‘I can help you’ and as I sadly took the first two steps to her register the other girl said ‘I can help you here’ and I immediately brightened up and made a bee line towards her register? Yeah? Not really? Ok well the point is I really wanted to ask her out, but I chickened out and didn’t see her again for weeks… When I did see her again I was all scrubbed out and when she saw me she vaguely remembered me. She smiled and walked away. That was the last of her. Or it should have been, until…

A couple days ago, I was on (yes, yes I know I said I was going to delete my profile, but I needed a break from studying geez) and was looking around again, half for fun, half for someone to potentially message. Then I came across this profile and as usual, I opened it in another tab and keep going down the list, opening more in tabs. After about 10 min, I go back and read the profiles that I opened (why? cuz it’s more efficient, duh. work smarter, not harder, right?). Anyway, so I come across the last one. It had a pretty long [About me] section, which is good, because it showed that she wasn’t just on there to hook up/date around. As I came down to ‘college’, it said ‘CSU Los Angeles’… That immediately caught my attention. I looked at it again, scrolled up to her profile pic, scrolled down to the college, and scrolled up again. I stared at her picture for a good minute and thought, “Could this be… could this be bookstore chick?!” hamser(refer to dramatic chipmunk meme on left). The girl whose beauty truly blew me away and made me chicken out in asking her out? The girl whom I dressed nice for 3 weeks straight hoping I’d run into her and on the ONE DAY I decide not to do my hair and wear scrubby clothes I meet her? Is the universe fucking with me? A part of me hoped that it was, another part of me was getting nervous again, psyching myself. NO. If this was her, I was NOT going to let this opportunity pass. Again.

I don’t know why I did this, but I went back to my profile and looked at what I wrote down about myself. I wanted to make sure that I got everything out there (well, mostly). I wanted to make sure I covered my bases in case she took a peek at my profile. I didn’t want her reading some half-assed, mundane [About me] section. I didn’t have to jazz it up too much I thought it was already quite good. I went back to her profile and clicked the [Message] button. I waited anxiously while it loaded… it was taking an absurd amount of time. Or maybe I was just giving it an absurd amount of time to load. Then, it happened. It loaded. It loaded to the screen that said “YOU NEED TO BE A MEMBER TO MESSAGE THIS USER“.

Son of a… I forgot I wasn’t a member anymore… Damn you universeeeeeeeeeee! (shakes fist). No, I didnt let that stop me. I reached for my wallet. I pulled out my debit card. I was going to do it. I opted for their one-month subscription for $39.99. I didn’t care, I needed to know! Still reeling from the cost, I entered my info while thinking of all the things I could spend $39.99 on: a nice dinner, drinks with friends, soju, sake, GAS, food, iTunes, KBBQ!!!… I closed my eyes, and I hit [Send]. A minute later, it was approved and I was a member once again. Huzzah… (-_-) I went back to her page and clicked on [Send message]. A little box popped up and I began to type my message: “Hi 🙂 I was just reading your profile and it says you went to CSU Los Angeles? So did I! Did you happen to work in the bookstore as a temp?“. NO. I couldn’t send that it was too straight forward. I needed to make it stand out. I needed to make it legendary. Ok, so let’s try this again. ‘Trying this again’ took me 30 minutes. Yes I know. It’s depressing, but I had to make sure it was perfect! I moved the cursor over the [Send] button. After a minute of re-reading the message I finally clicked send. It loaded. And loaded. And loaded… I swore to God if this thing brings me to a ‘page timeout’… and sure enough, I didn’t even finish thinking of ‘page timeout’ it brought me to a ‘PAGE TIMEOUT’. All that thought I put into the message… gone. All gone. Dead and gone. Damn you universeeeeeee! (shakes fist).

Ok, I’ll just type it out again and THIS TIME I will copy/paste it. I guess I typed what ‘might’ have been what I originally typed out. I didn’t know, I couldn’t remember word for word, and at this point I really didn’t care anymore. I copied it. I pasted it to a word document and I clicked send. It went through. Damn… and that was only the first part


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