“Hey. Wanna hang out…?

tumblr_lcjq83mDLQ1qc0yn6o1_500…is exactly what this random girl messaged me today. Well, after being rejected by a 4 (on the 1-10 scale, so sad) and thinking my social/dating life was finally kaput, I was pleasantly surprised. Although a very much welcomed gesture, a lot of red flags popped up. One, I have no idea what her name is. The most we ever said to eachother was the usual banter: “Hi, how was your day? What did you do today? You like hiking?” etc. The point of chatting online is to get all that info out of the way which opens the door to more conversations in person. But nope. Nothing. Two, the answers to most of these were usually answered within 3-4 days to a week. I mean, really? Then yesterday, after a week of not talking, was a little more open with what she likes to do. Then today, out of no where, asks to hang out. Three, not that I’m a girl when it comes to dating, but I ain’t no boy anymore either, so I don’t jump on every girl that shows interest. Obviously it would have been nice to come to some sort of ‘light’ friendship first communicating online, I mean, at least know eachothers names before hanging out. Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this and would gladly go to the beach or hiking (as per her suggestion), but it doesn’t feel right, and I don’t have time to play around anymore. So, I politely declined and apologized to her and said I had previous obligations. After about 2-3 hours she messages back saying she didn’t mean today, just some time to hang out. “Hmm… maybe I should?”. So I took another look at her profile and…. preeeetttyyy sure I’m not interested in her in that way. Like I said, 10 years ago me would gladly go out, have drinks, do the dew and what not, but now, “its sorry, not interested in wasting your time I know its not gonna work.” Yay for growing up? Well, at least I’m not a dick about it and just straight up told her no or didn’t repsond.

Which brings me to what it’s really about: I’m old school. Maybe a little too old school in the ‘who asks who out first’ department. I was always told that no girl worth dating/being with will ever ask you out first. I used to not believe that before, but as the years came along, it became a lot more clear. At least to me. Yeah, times change and I don’t extremely frown on it, just if a girl were to ask me out, I’d expect we would already sort of know eachother, ya know? At least have some small talk, not just randomly say ‘hi’ then ‘wanna hang out’? With this chick, I know nothing, like Jon Snow.

On a personal update, been playing piano a lot more lately. Been really feeling OneRepublic so, as is usual with any group that I am currently feeling, I play their song on the piano. 99% of the time it’s just me hearing the song over and over again and matching the tune on the keys and making my own rendition of it. The other 1% I have to go online/youtube to figure out some of the chords, for example, Rocketeer has very awesome chords, but they are ones that I don’t normally play and was really hard to pin point by ear. Other than that, I’d say everything is slowly getting better. Piece by piece. Supposed to get my gmat review in soon, which gives me approx 3 weeks to study/take and turn in my apps. Maybe even less… after searching for business schools around the country, I was surprised to learn I had a better chance at getting into NYU and Columbia’s schools of business. How the hell? I can’t get into CSU Northridge, but I can get into NYU??? Still goin on the ‘I know I have to get out of here‘ mentality and anywhere far away from San Diego is just as good. Really want to go to Washington though, but the deadlines for apps/gmat scores are coming up sooner than the others so that’s a no 😦 I mean, I’ll even consider going to the University of Las Vegas… shieet… haha. Ah well. Time to walk through a door and not look back.


4 Replies to ““Hey. Wanna hang out…?”

  1. Hi, I just wanted to comment on the girl-asking-guy-out point. I’m in the world of online dating and getting quite frustrated with waiting to be asked out. Conversations can go on and on with no hint of a date. So I have started to be proactive and do the asking. Like you say, I’m too old to mess around. I’d rather just meet up, find out if there’s chemistry in real life, and move on. So maybe that’s what she’s doing?


    1. Hi Jennyg! I read your reply last night and I thought I had replied also but I guess it’s not showing up. I wanted to thank you for pointing this out, I didn’t consider this at all. Maybe she is just tired of beating around the bush like you mentioned? We’ll see. I haven’t completely stopped talking to her yet maybe we can strike up another light convo or something


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