I’ll buy it at a high price

If you know who says that, message me. Seriously. You are awesome.

tumblr_n4rmsiwNjF1s7mho6o1_500So I spent an hour in the kitchen making dinner. Nope, I didn’t cook from scratch, I had some costco fetuccini alfredo and decided to heat it up. However, while waiting for it, I had put wine in the freezer about an hour before I started cooking the pasta so I decided to take it out and have a glass. But wait! As I rifled through the drawers I began to get scared: scared because of the possiblity that I may not have a cork screw… but then! I found one (yes I’m tipsy), a plastic one (wthhh). So I placed it on top of the bottle and screwed it down. Great, now I just pull, right? NOPE. I pulled and the cork broke in half. What the fuck. Idea! I remembered I saw a youtube video of somone putting it in a shoe and ‘gently’ tapping it against the wall to make the cork come out. So I ran to the garage (I don’t know why I ran), grabbed my shoe and tapped the shit out of the wine bottle, only to have the cork explode out and some wine spill out. Woo! Cork out time to drink! NOPE. Since the top part of the cork broke I had little particles of cork floating inside the wine. Damn. So I took a strainer and a glass and strained it. Only the strainer was too big and wasn’t straining correctly. So I took another strainer and doubled that shit up. It worked, but it was still too big. So I went MacGuyver on that thing and took a wet paper towel, placed it in between the strainers and strained it. Boom. Got all the particles out and was finally able to drink. Which took about 30 min to accomplish with 30 min left on the alfredo. What an adventure!

Anyway, as I sit here typing, I got a like, wink and a message all from one girl on match. Looked her up and shes ok. At least I am attracting ‘ok-good looking’ girls hahaha! Ok well on a half serious note, I was thinking (as I sit here and listen to old back street boys music fuck yeah) about my insatiable need to ‘be in a relationship’. Why is that? Am I a habitual relationship jumper? And my conclusion is a definite yes. Good or bad, thats what I came up to. The only time I was ever really ‘single’ was during my first year and a half of college. Other than that, I’ve been in a relationship of some kind for the last 28 years of my life and for the first 4 months of this year, I have been single and it feels like a smoker going cold turkey. Its hard. It really is. Which is why it is really hard for me to not constantly look for girls (the key word is girls) to go out with. Sad? Yes, I agree. Maybe I need to go to passages malibu or something hahahaah. Anyway… I think it is especially hard since I was in a relationship for the last 7 years of my life and its just hard readjusting to ‘normal’, ‘single’ life. I sort of feel bad, because a lot of the girls who I have talked to/message online want to be in a long term relationship (and seeing as how I just came out of one I am probably not ready to be in another one) and here I am not knowing what I want. Still.

I know that nothing is going to change unless I get out of here. I need to  leave homie! Haha… really though. The last 28 years spent in socal I need to leave. Leave to go on bigger and better things. I’ve been looking at grad programs in washington. Why washington? I love the weather. Plus the people are super fucking nice as shit up there. When I went there with my ex we found ourselves in a random bar and everyone in the fucking place was nice as shit. I swore we were in Canada for that hour we were there. It was great. Plus I love wearing coats/scarves/jackets so yeah. What program though is the question. I just know that I need to leave. My dad left his home at 18 to join the navy and has never looked back and here I am, 10 years from my dad joining the navy still doing (for the most part) the same shit I was doing when I was 21… And I’m drunk talking.


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