Three and a half weeks of… LIFE! (part 1)

So I know that I have been gone for awhile, but hey, today seems likes a good day to play catch up. So let’s catch!

Three weeks ago I was able to catch up with an old highschool friend of mine. I haven’t seen her since after graduating. Ok well maybe a year after graduating highschool then college started, I went off to LA and we stopped hanging out. For a number of reasons. But that’s all in the past and like I said, I was glad that I went out walking and catching up with her. It was a bright and extremely extremely early Sunday morning. She wanted to go walking around Miramar lake, which was around 5 miles around the lake. So drove down, met up with her and started catching up. It was refreshing talking to her because she isn’t someone that I talk to everyday and I felt that I didn’t have to sugar coat a lot of things. So I caught her up on my life and she did the same with hers and started talking about old friends and where they are now etc. It was literally like we hadn’t been a part from eachother for so long. I mean, I liked it because she was the same ‘mA’ that I knew back in highschool, but more adult, but not really haha. But no, it was great that some things don’t really change, such as the bubbly and fun personality she always had. And so, we finished the tour of the lake and talked about getting drinks sometime, but thats for another story, which is coming up.

So the next weekend was Valentine’s Day weekend. I didn’t have any plans and I was expecting to spend it at home quietly, but people had other plans for me. My cousins boyfriend is a pretty sick deejay and he was deejaying at a bar in La Jolla and wanted me to come out. I was hesitant at first because it would be the first time I was out as a single guy. I mean I wasn’t tripping about it or anything, it was like I was ‘naked’. So, I said ‘fuck it, I’ll go’. I called my homeboy up and asked if he wanted to come with; at first he was reluctant but like me, decided to come out which was good. So for 5 days we were posting up the flyer on our fb and iG trying to get ppl to come out and have fun with us. I didn’t find anyone willing (I know, sad) and he brought 2 of his friends. Anyway the drive there was insane because, while I have been there twice, I forgot about the twisty roads to get there and I was going 60 mph then all of a sudden it has sharp turns, corners and roundabouts. Not good, not good. Anyway I got there in one piece, there was heavy traffic because it was Valentine’s Day afterall. But after sitting through it and finding parking across from a Holiday Inn (?) I was set to parking lot pimp. I’m not ashamed shoot why pay a bajillion dollars in drinks at the bar when you can fill a flask, bring a bottle of coke and just sit there and wait. And drink. And listen to music. Loudly. While conservative La Jolla ppl stare at you. Ahaha oh well IDGAF I was out. At the same time, like I said, it was weird and I felt naked because usually I would be out with my girlfriend (ex-girlfriend) and we would be parking lot pimping together. Well, life goes on and so did the night! I got out of the car and walked toward the bar, forgot if I locked my car, walked back to check and yes, it was locked, walked back and met up with my friend and my cousins friends, walked back to my car to get my flask and walked back and met up with my buddies friends. Lot’s of walking, I know. Unneeded walking. Anyway, went back and the place was fairly empty because couples everywhere were making sexy time and all the single people, which there wasn’t a lot of, were out. I made friends with my cousins friends, they were pretty fun. I did meet one of them though at a house party for her graduation a couple years back. I was like, dude, I know you! Haha I forgot what happened next I was pretty messed up already. After pimpin in the car and more drinks from my cousin and her friend I was pretty. Messed. Up. I actually don’t remember much, although I am trying real hard to remember right now. I know there was lots of vaping. OH YEAH! We went outside to vape a couple time and us dudes were talking about… guy stuff and just being dumbasses. It was fun. I haven’t had that in a long time.

jack_daniels_cokeThen we had to go the bar was closing and we were going to go to Zarlitos to eat, but on the way down my homeboy wanted to keep an eye on his girl friend so we made a detour to downtown SD to Analog. We got there, it was packed because all of the tweeny singles were out so we had to find parking. Ended up parking in a paid lot, 10 bucks for one hour. Whatever. It’s downtown. Got to Analog, waited in line and found his friends. Now heres the part that gets super weird for me: I have never been to a ‘club’ (not really a club but whatever) without a girlfriend. I’ve always had one. And I know I said I felt naked before, but damn, it was like I was super naked, like I didn’t have any flesh naked. It was that awkward. I always had a dancing buddy and I never had to try to find one; I mean I didn’t find one, but still, you know? I ended up getting a redbull/vodka which shared with my friend. Eventually we left and waited in line for some restaurant next door… Brian’s 24 hour restaurant. While waiting in line my friend was hitting on some cougars behind us… I remember I was vaping and one of them was like ‘oh that smells good what is that?’ Not to me, just randomly and I put my vape away cuz I so did not want to talk to some cougars… I mean I love older women, just not that old… hahaha… anyway, we got in, ordered carne asada fries (one, I ended up halfing them with my friend and two, carne asada fries from NOT a mexican place? Blasphemy!). But the fries ended up turning out to be ok. I know there were some guy shennanigans but I don’t remember what right now… Mostly no-homo type ones… Probably… Then we left, my buddy dropped me off at my car back in La Jolla and I drove home. It was a great night: I went out, made a ton of new friends and actually enjoyed myself! Who needs a girl when you’ve got friends! Hahaha…

So this is where I was supposed to hang out with mA for some drinks but I seriously could not for the life of me want to get up and move around that Sunday. Hangover doesn’t even explain what I felt. So I wasn’t able to. 😥

Week of 02/16
Somewhere in between studying and looking for a job, I was able to reconnect with another friend of mine, this time from college. I found K on FB an said to myself, is this her? Damn I forgot what she looks like… So I added her just to see if it was her and it was! She gave me her number and we caught up a little bit and said she’d be coming back down to SD sometime. So now, we’re gonna catch up sometime this week which is fun.

My mom had her bday last weekend and my cousin wanted me to cook Korean fried chicken. Awesome recipe from Maangchi on youtube. I actually saw this video before my cousin sent me the link and was already planning on making it, so win-win! So I spent the whole week experimenting and making different types of chicken along with the Korean fried chicken so when the other family got there it would be awesome. I swear that whole week all I made was fried chicken. I woke up super early to get started on cooking. My brother and I had made the chicken broccoli casserole the night before so all I had to do was put it in the oven the next day. Prepped the chicken and boom, fried up some Korean chicken. I have fun making food for other people for some reason. I mean I love cooking period but its for fun when you make it for others. According to my cousin the chicken was a hit and it was all gone. Which is good cuz I didn’t think I could eat anymore chicken haha! I’ve added 2 new skills to my cook book memory. We ended up going to the outlets in carlsbad to go to the nike store but they didn’t have anything anyone wanted because it’s ‘Carlsbad’ and no one here is concerned with shoes. Nikes anyway. After that we walked around, it started to rain and we went home. Happy Birthday Mom!

Last weekend my best friend and I went out to our favorite restaurant to catch up. We actually were supposed to go to the new ballast point in miramar but it was packed and the wait was an hour and a half for beer. Hell no. So we left and went to Min Sok! God I love that place. The service is blah but when you got your food and drinks they literally leave you alone and never come back unless you ring them up. Love that. No interruptions while talking! My buddy was asking if I wanted to go karaoke and told him I was out already getting drinks. An hour later him and his co-workers are getting food and doing karaoke there so he was jumping back and forth from his table to our table chatting and drinking. Mostly drinking. Aahaha but it was all in good fun. We ended up hanging out in the karaoke room they got for an hour and singing along to some of the songs while vaping inside my friends purse cuz we were sure if we could vape in the room. Singing while drunk. Awesome. Then we left and the next day I kind of didn’t have a voice from all the awesome singing/rapping we did the night before.

Best-quotes-about-life-wallpapersWhat’s the point? I am actually fine and living life and getting to know everyone around me. I made a pact to always do what I think of doing and I have been good at that so far. I have made new friends and have kept in touch with them. Actually I’ve surpassed my ‘1 friend a month’ deal for the month of february. I made like 5. So I think I’m good for 5 months right? Hahaha no… but it feels great to be out. Also been catching up with someone also and it has its ups and downs. But it’s better than nothing! Good friends are hard to come by and I am gald to say that I have awesome friends and family. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

And now for part two, the dating blog! dun dun dun…!


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