Match Maker, Find Me A Match! (part 2)

142316845490150sssxSo it has been almost a week since I signed up for and, well, it hasn’t been totally what I was expecting. But that’s ok! I was thinking that it could be a little experiment of mine, to ‘gauge the devotion and availability of the women of the interwebs’. On a serious note, I think I am going to give it a month and see where it goes, and each week I’ll give my thoughts/experiences on it. So, not only have I signed up for, I have also signed up for Plentyoffish (PoF) and Zoosk, which is one of the ‘original’ online dating websites. A friend of mine said she found her current, stable boyfriend on PoF, so I thought I too would give it a try.

Plentyoffish, in my opinion, is similar to OkCupid. In terms of ‘datability’, they are similar because it seems a lot of girls on the site don’t want anything ‘serious’ even though their status is set to ‘looking for relationship’. I found though, that the search features worked pretty well; you could pick and choose from height, ethnicity, body type etc. that a lot of other sites make you pay for. I did a quick search for girls in my area and it came to around 20 pages (set to my preferences) and only found 2 that I would be really interested in dating. Sadly, though, in terms of ‘search area’, even if set to a 50 mi radius from where I was, it picked up one of those girls in the Los Angeles area and I am not 50mi away from LA (around 130mi in fact). So that was a bummer. What I did find interesting, though, was if someone likes your page and you want to know who, you have to pay. However, the interesting part is, if you check your email, it will say ‘so and so has liked you’. All you have to do is copy said screen name, paste it in the search bar and hit search. Voila. You’ve found the person who ‘liked’ your page without paying. 😛 Sadly, you can’t do that with In the two days I created my account, I’ve received 2 requests from girls who want to ‘meet up’ and one page view. Sniff 😥
Update: As of 1 minute ago, I received a notification from a girl who wants to ‘meet me’ as well. She is in my area, which is great, but sadly, she is too young for me. I’m not an old fart, I’m still in my upper 20’s but this girl is 20 and thats too young. I’m into older women, not cougar status, but around 30ish. Actually, between the ages of 25-30 I am into, but more so to those who are older than me 😉

Zoosk, the other dating site I signed up for, is actually run by Zynga, where at one point, they were the biggest browser based gaming company on FB (remember FarmVille? CityVille? SimVille? YourMomVille?). This site is a little basic in terms of user interface. You have similar search options to PoF and Match, but what separates Zoosk from those other two sites is Zynga’s inability to shy away from its ‘gaming’ roots. You have the option of buying/earning coins (yes, just like BankofamericaVille) to use on ‘specialty’ options, such as making your profile more ‘known’ or in their words ‘boost up’. Right now, it says I am ‘unpopular’ (gee thanks for the lack of encouragement) and I can change that at any time by spending coins. No thanks. I feel this site is worse (more juvenile? simpler?) than OkCupid. It seems the majority of girls are on here just to see how many likes/page views they can get. Like around 90% of them. They are not really on here to date. At most they are here for online ‘chats’ and that’s pretty much it. A status thing if you will. One thing that I don’t like though, is that you don’t have the option to view ‘potential dates’ in grid form; it is displayed one page at a time and you have to click right or left to view the next profile. This just takes too much time. Maybe they want me to pay to change my view to grid form? Just checked it right now and got a request for chat from a girl 80 miles away. One, that’s way too far for me to be dating anybody and two, she hasn’t said anything in the last 30 minutes since the chat was open. So what’s the point? Ah well…

Now back to Match. Since I first posted about signing up for the site, my profile has been viewed 88 times, 11 likes, 2 favorites and 2 winks. I suppose that isn’t too bad since this profile has seen the most action than the other two have. I still prefer this site to the other two though, because there seems to be more girls on here than guys and they seem to be actively looking for a relationship as well. Genuinely looking is what I mean; the ones that I have seen don’t have a half-assed profile. I have definitely considered paying for a month, as per the suggestion of one of my readers. He said he found his ex gf on match and it was a worthwhile investment. I’m still on the fence though, if I get anymore ‘likes’, ‘favorites’ or ‘views’ in the next week I may do a month. There is only one girl on there though that has caught all of my attention and I so want to go on a date with her, but she hasn’t been on in 3 weeks and probably won’t go on. Honestly, out of the 8 that I have favorited, she is the one I would most like to go on a date with. Anyway, I also read that a lot of people who have canceled their auto-renew are still getting charged for the months they canceled. I read a lot of angry reviews on this and not one has gotten a reimbursement on their credit cards, because, according to one individual, a match representative stated that ‘if you didn’t get a cancellation email, then it wasn’t canceled’. That is really shady match, and is the main reason why I am hesitant in subscribing. Another thing I read, which I don’t know if it’s true or not, is that match keeps inactive/canceled profiles and uses them to pop up when searching for potential relationships. I don’t know if it’s real or not, but I read according to one guy, he didn’t get one response from 20 or so women he messaged and ‘he’s not ugly’. That’s the part got me thinking that he is probably butthurt because to other women he may potentially be ‘ugly’ and he doesn’t want to admit it. 😛 Valentine’s Day is coming up and fingers are crossed… kind of 😛

On a side note, I did sign up for eharmony, just for fun… but that site is on freaken crack or something. They force you to take a 1080p HD picture of, get this, not only a whole body shot with a clear line of sight to your face, but of a background and it has to be in landscape format. They need you to post a recent picture (as recently as a month or even less) and the background of your picture needs to be something you enjoy doing. So basically action shots. I looked at sample pictures and one of them was a woman who was in mid sky dive as her background photo. How the hell? Really eharmony?  You want every profile to look like a Gap or Abercrombie and Fitch poster? What if my favorite background is me in my bed sleeping? Or me under my car fixing things? What if my favorite activity is blogging you want my background to be whats behind me? What if someones favorite ‘action shot’ is of them having sex? What if I love taking craps? You want my background to be a picture of my bathroom and me making a pushing face? Ok all jokes aside, what if I don’t like artsy fartsy backgrounds and would rather have no background? Like I said, this site is on crack homie. I know they are ‘helping’ people find matches that last forever (a friend of mine actually found his fiance on it so I know it works), its just, wow, holy shit bro, you need to calm down and realize that not everyone has access to a DSLR or has a hipster friend who has one or that not everyone wants to have ‘professional’ Starshots pictures taken of them. (haha Starshots… remember those days?) The criteria is just too damn high! Maybe someday eharmony, when you are no longer on crack.


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