Knowing, Is Half The Battle 02/05

BmT-39MCIAAGrLU.jpg largeIn an effort to help me learn new words (and help reach my goal of blogging once a day, everyday), I am going to choose words from one page every day to blog that I did not know or wasn’t clear on its definition. By doing so I hope to commit these words to memory and maybe you can too if you had not known them already. All words will be coming from The 4000 English Words Essential for an Educated Vocabulary. Based on each words definition I will try to use it in a sentence. The key word is try. 🙂

Anodyne – pain soothing

Comments: When I was a kid, my mom used to put this ointment on me whenever I would get a scratch, which was called betadyne, pronounced bay-ta-dine (because she was/is slightly fobby). Maybe the ‘dyne’ part is the ‘soothing’ aspect of it? “Son, I see you hab scrats. Let me put some baytadine on it, it will help anodyne with beytadyne.

Antediluvian – ancient, obsolete

Comments: I’ve seen this word a couple times in books I’ve read, just was never exactly sure what the definition was. “Windows 95 is so antediluvian. Do you even Windows 7 bro?

Antipodal – exactly opposite

Comments: First timer here. “Hey little debbie, I know you and I seem antipodal, what with me being yellow on the outside and you being black; but but looking past colors, on the inside, we are both just as creamy. And delicious“.

Ape – mimic

Comments: Totally did not see this one coming. Maybe I am pronouncing it wrong? Lets check. Nope. It is pronounced exactly as you would when referring to a primate which has long arms, broad chest and tons of hair. Dude, when I said ‘go ape shit’ I didn’t mean for you to… nevermind, just, nevermind”.

Aphasia – speechless

Comments: Sounds a hair loss disease. “Set, aphasia’s, to stun. What? Yes I, said stun. Phaser, what, is that? It’s, aphasia. I don’t, care I am, William, fucking Shatner, and I’m, the only one who, can get you a better, deal, on airline, flights and hotels! Only I, set the price! There can, be, only one!” Everyone on set was left aphasia.

Apoplexy – stroke

Comments: I had to look this up in another dictionary to make sure it wasn’t ‘to stroke’. This is referring to an actual stroke. You know, where there’s a ruputured blood vessel and you can’t move. “Ok so you said your husbands first name is Little, middle intial is E, and last name is That could? Yes, that seems to match our records. I’m sorry Mrs. That could. Your husband, Little engine, is in a coma due to apoplexy. Yes, the mechanic didn’t put enough oil and he had ruptured a tube. I am really sorry. It may take a week for him to be up and running again“.

Avow – declare

Comments: I always thought this meant some type of confirmation or agreeing, seeing as how ‘disavow’ means to ‘not acknowledge’. New things everyday right? “Come, Barnaby, let us play war of thumbs! One, two, three, four, I avow thumb war!“.

That’s all the words that I didn’t know from one page of the book. Hope you all learned something new, I know I did! See you tomorrow 😛


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