Knowing, Is Half The Battle 02/04

joegraphIn an effort to help me learn new words (and help reach my goal of blogging once a day, everyday), I am going to choose words from one page every day to blog that I did not know or wasn’t clear on its definition. By doing so I hope to commit these words to memory and maybe you can too if you had not known them already. All words will be coming from The 4000 English Words Essential for an Educated Vocabulary. Based on each words definition I will try to use it in a sentence. The key word is try. 🙂

Accouter – equip, clothe

Comments: Pronounced as ‘a cooter’? The kid in me just giggled when I said this out loud. Interesting. “I told you to go into your inventory screen, go to armors and accouter Flaming Poisonous Icicle Dragonlord Helm of Audacious Alacrity.”

Accrete – grow larger

Comments: Never would I have guessed this to mean ‘grow larger’. The kid in me is beaming today. “My light-saber seems to accrete and become brighter every time a fair jedi maiden passes by“.

Acme – summit, zenith

Comments: Always wondered what this meant whenever I watched a Looney Toons cartoon back in the day. Today, I know. “Tea and crumpets, Nigel, is the acme of British afternoon snacking”.

Acrophobia – fear of heights

Comments: Obviously phobia means ‘fear of something’, but I wouldn’t have guessed ‘acro’ would be a root for something ‘high’ or ‘tall’ or what have you. “John Snow awoke atop The Wall.  It was at this moment he realized he had acrophobia. How he came to this realization, he did not know. He did not know where he was. He did not know why he was. He knew nothing”.

Adduce – offer as example

Comments: The kid in me loving this page in the book 😛 “I would like to make adduce. I adduce, ‘if the glove don’t fit, you must aquit!’.

Annals – historical records

Comments: I already know this word and figure I put it here for evaluation. I’ve always heard/read this word in conjunction with this phrase, “In the annals of recorded history…”. So ‘annals’ is a word that encompasses ‘historical records’, so when you say ‘recorded history’ in conjunction with ‘annals’ you are literally saying the same word and its definition? The redundancy is too high! Its over 9000! Is this even right Nigel? “Goodafternoon, I am Nigel Penismightier, and today we are going on an African safari through the historical records of early recorded history, in the annals of Timbuktu’s recorded history…”.

That’s all the words that I didn’t know from one page of the book. Hope you all learned something new, I know I did! See you tomorrow 😛


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