Knowing, Is Half The Battle 02/03

knowing-is-half-the-battleIn an effort to help me learn new words (and help reach my goal of blogging once a day, everyday), I am going to choose words from one page every day to blog that I did not know or wasn’t clear on its definition. By doing so I hope to commit these words to memory and maybe you can too if you had not known them already. All words will be coming from The 4000 English Words Essential for an Educated Vocabulary. Based on each words definition I will try to use it in a sentence. The key word is try. 🙂

Affable – friendly

Comments: I thought this word described a persons demeanor in a negative way. I mean, it does describe, but I didn’t think it was in a friendly way. “Bro, you are the most affable person I have ever met.

Affectation – pretense, showing off

Comments: Probably only seen this word once and that is when I started reading this book. Has the root word affect so I thought it was something along those lines, but apparently its not. “That’s what a real homie is: loyal, respectful with no affectation.”.

Affray – brawl

Comments: Never would I have guessed that this would  mean ‘brawl, to brawl’. Why not just say brawl? “Come, Nigel, let us settle this quandary with an affray! Have at thee!“.

Agent provocateur – agitator

Comments: I always thought this meant a sultry woman for some reason. Ah well. “Little Timmy loves being the agent provocatuer – always picking on little Debbie for her cream filled cakes. Timmy no!“.

Agnate related on the father’s side

Comments: Again, only time I’ve seen this word is in this book. I have no idea how this would be written/said in a sentence, but lets try. “Yas, Bobby Joe an Mary Joe ar agnate, not on there mommas side, but agnate. Goddamit Bobby Flay I dunno know whut agnate meens, I seen it in a buk, an it wuz a smart buk so I is smarter than yoo, ya agnate

Airs – pretension

Comments: I have to admit, I thought this was the uneducated person’s plural description of what is currently all around us in a gaseous state at any given moment. Like ‘shrimps‘. Did you know that the plural of ‘shrimp‘ is ‘shrimp‘? Yes, I’ve heard plenty of people say ‘shrimps‘ and I would chuckle to myself. Because if I did so out loud then I’d have to take the time to tell them and convince them that the plural of ‘shrimp‘ is not ‘shrimps’ and that just takes too much work that I won’t even get paid for. Imagine of the lyrics were ‘I can feel it, coming in the airs tonight, oooohhhhh’. Annnyyywaaay… “You have the nerve to come into my house under the airs that you want cake, but it turns out you are just like the others! JUST LIKE THE OTHERS! All they want is a cookie! Who does that?!“.

Akimbo – with hands on hips

Comments: Well now this was a surprise. I always thought, from age 5, that this meant ‘to kick ass holding two guns firing at the same time’. My childhood definition has been forever shattered. Who would have known it actually meant ‘with hands on hips’. Not me that’s for sure. “The cowboy was standing akimbo, for when that hat dropped he was ready to kick ass holding his two guns firing at the same time“. Hey, I guess it worked out after all. 😛

Alight – land, descend, to happen to find a place to rest

Comments: I honestly thought this meant ‘to set on fire’. Well, now I know and knowing, friends, is half the battle. “Alas, let us find a place to alight. Our midnight frolic over the river and through the woods has got my loins tired.“.

Alliteration – repetition of the same sound

Comments: I thought this had something to do with literature or reading. Like a type of writing style. I will let Jim Carey give an example. Take it away Jim!

That’s all the words that I didn’t know from one page of the book. Hope you all learned something new, I know I did! See you tomorrow 😛


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