New Years Resolution (update)

MEMEMEWell well well! It is February 1, 2015 and you know what that means? Update time! Its been 31 days since I made my new years resolution and promises to myself. Lets see how I have done shall we? I will rate each promise I made at the begininng of the new year on a 1 – 10 scale, with 1 being ‘in dire need of improvement‘ and 10 being ‘awesome keep it up bro!‘.

– get a career
– improve on me one day at a time
– get fit
– make one new friend a month, an actual friend, not some random person, but actually know them either in person or online or both!
– and i actually need friends of my own and not someones by default haha
– write here maybe every other day but I will write here
– change my attitude on a lot of things
– actually keep these promises
– move to washington!
– if I think of doing something I have to do it, no matter what it is and no matter where it is (within reason cuz I think of some
weird shit a lot of the time haha)

Career: It is happening people! I have my foor in the door for IT networking which will end with me being a network security admin/analyst. Classes began last week and I am looking forward to doing something I chose to do, not what someone else wanted me to do. Also, I have been reviewing for my first certification test (all by myself!) that I have to take sometime soon. I’m not expecting the compTIA strata certification is that complicated though, so wish me luck!
Performance Score: 8 – ‘good job! keep it up!’

Improving myself: I have actually forced myself to read again. Recently I have been reading a book I mistakenly put in my iPad (which turned out to be one of the best mistakes I have made), Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Very inspring book which has also helped me change my views on a lot of things. Also, I have been reading a page a day (or try to at least) from The 4000 English Words Essential to a Better Vocabulary. It’s always good to widen your vocabulary and use new words you have never used before. Like ‘shallow’ and ‘pedantic’. πŸ˜› I also put away my gaming console (which sucked up a good part of my day) and haven’t looked back since. It feels good to do other things that are more productive than playing games. I am also trying real hard to sleep early and wake up early, though its only happened for one consecutive week and after that it was every other day. It is important that I learn this discipline so I can do more during the day.
Performance Score: 7 ‘once you start sleeping early/waking up early your score will be an 8!’

Getting in shape: I have started to eat healthier. Sort of. I am eating less of what I have been eating and if I do eat anything big (carne asada fries anyone?) then I make sure to burn it all off. I started running and lifting weights again too. It’s good to see muscle coming back. Hopefully they stay this time ;P
Performance Score: 7 ‘cmon, you can do better!’

Making 1 new friend a month: This is one that I have definitely kept. Last month I recently reconnected with an old friend of mine from 7 years ago. We lost touch but recently hung out and brought eachother up to speed on whats been going on in our lives; it was as if those 7 years didn’t actually pass. Apparently we are still the same friends we were 7 years ago. But on a side note, this resolution of making 1 friend a month doesn’t serve a hidden purpose or agenda other than connecting with people and making lasting friendships. I know its a ‘status’ thing that people have plenty of friends, but not me. It’s not like I am going around with my pokeball and randomly ‘choosing’ the next potential friend by throwing it at them and capturing their friendship either. Just whoever is cool and we both get a long with eachother. Preferably female though, but I’m not picky. Haha!
Performance Score: 10 ‘awesome keep it up bro!’

Blogging everyday: Well, so far I have counted 18 blogs for the month of January. That is 18/31 days, which isn’t too shabby. I mean, it is kind of difficult to blog everyday especially when there is nothing interesting to blog about. I am pretty random but not that random to where I can just write about belly button lint. I did enjoy my rant on armor though. Oh and the types of drinkers. Those were fun to write πŸ˜›
Performance Score: 8 ‘good job, you can do better!’

Changing my attitude: I think since the new year I have changed a lot in terms of who I am as a person and how I view a lot of things. I think I am a lot more understanding of other people’s feelings and not so self centered as I was before. I definitely know I am not the same person I was in September of last year. Hindsight is always 20/20, which is why I am trying really hard to not make the same mistakes I have been making for the last how many years. Learning from your mistakes and not making them again is part of the path into being a better person.
Performance Score: 6.5 ‘not too shabby, but there is still more out there. Go and explore!’

Impulse decisions: I would say that I have kept this promise pretty well. I was able to finally tell someone special to me how I really felt about them (something which I should have done within the 7 years we were together but was too stupid to do so). I got it all out in the open and I feel so much better. I also signed up for which is interesting in and of itself. It’s like a totally new sub-cultureΒ  that I have never even really seen. In terms of me thinking of something and doing something about it, I did find this one girl that I was really into. So I began to compose a message that I wanted to send, which took around 30 minutes because I wasn’t sure if it was the right kind of message; was it too short? too long? too unsure of myself? When I caught myself doubting, I just said ‘fuck it’ and I typed out a one sentence message instead: ‘Hey πŸ™‚ would you like to go out with me some time and have some drinks?’. Yup, just like that, I cut down 30 mintues into 10 seconds. I pressed the ‘send’ button and was met with a big fat NO: ‘only premium subscribers can send messages!’. What the hell! I spent all that time trying to contact this girl and when I finally do so I can’t! Oh the frustration… anyway, I am not giving up! I will contact her. When I want something I am going to ge it, no matter what. πŸ˜›
Performance Score: 7 (only because you couldn’t contact the girl. once you do, it will go up to an 8. score a date, its a 9. she becomes yours? its a 12 ;P )

Move to Washington: As much as I love wearing jackets/coats/scarves/beanies/gloves, sadly it is not to be. No, I have to change this promise because I want to own my childhood home by the end of the year. Currently my famlily is renting it out but their lease ends in November of this year. I am going to live there in November with some roomates (maybe girls? hopefully? πŸ˜‰ and finally move out of my new house back to my old house.
Performance Score: 5 (only because its a thought right now; make it happen)

And that, my friends, is all she wrote. I know I have a lot more work to do and I am so ready, willing and able to do it. I am really excited to see what this month has in store for me. I want to leave you all with a video that I found that pushed me to make these changes in my life. Hopefully it can help you too. Till next month!


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