Don’t mind me, its just insomnia

Yes, for some odd reason I had a flashback Monday/Tuesday (seeing as how it is 12:08 am, making it Tuesday, while having the thought before 12:08. Oh, its 12:09 am now). I remember everyone did these lame surveys where every other one that they did answered something from the previous one they posted but for some reason they would answer it again or differently on a different survey with the same question? What? Nothing important here, just wanted to tire my brain so I could fall asleep. :::::WARNING: MYSPACE SURVEY:::::
Round One, Fight!!

About You
Eye Color:  black
Hair Color:  black
Height:  5’8
Favorite Color: It used to be blue, but any neutral dark colors good
Screen Name:  like AIM? hahahaha oh wow. nope. moving right along
Favorite Band:  one does not simply have one favorite band. Playing currently on my Winamp mix (winamp for life what) is
Gavin Degraw – I don’t wanna be. So what, its a mix people, jeez.
Favorite Movie:  It is still and always going to be Just Friends
Favorite Show:  Sons of Anarchy. If and when a better how than that comes a long, that will be my next favorite.
Your Car:  2004 Honda CRV. Yup, still the same from college.
Your Hometown: San Diego
Your Present Town: Carlsbad
Your Crushes First Name:  Begins with a No and ends with a One
Your Grade:  Grade? GRADE?? Wow. I’ve been out of school since 2010? Damn… my brain is really sad now
Your Style:  Always been preppy/classy aint nothing going to change that. Even me being ‘laid back’ still shows signs of class

Round Two, Fight!!
Have You Ever
Sat on your rooftop?  Nope
Kissed someone in the rain?  Yes
Danced in a public place?  I don’t dance
Smiled for no reason?  Just did right now
Laughed so hard you cried?  Yup
Peed your pants after age 8?  Nope
Written a song?  Nope
Sang to someone for no reason?  Yes
Performed on a stage?  Yes
Talked to someone you don’t know?  Most of the time yes, its called being a normal human being living in a society
Gone out of your way to befriend someone?  Ehhh…. no not really
Made out in a theatre?  Yup
Gone roller skating since 8th grade?  I’ve never roller skated, I’ve always been a blader. “We skate for fun. We’re soul
skaters.” Hahahahahaha… smh. Yes that is from Brink!
Been in love?  Yes, unfortunately

Round Three, Fight!!
Who was the last person to
Say HI to you?  The Alberton’s lady at Albertsons
Tell you, I love you?  Nope
Write you a note?  Who the hell writes notes? It’s all about texting ya dig -__-
Text message you?  My cousin saying ‘Whoops I forgot you text me’. -______________-

Final Round, Fight!!
What’s the last
Time you laughed?  Earlier when I remembered doing Myspace surveys
Time you cried? Last week wednesday
Movie you watched?  American Sniper
Joke you told?  Can’t remember. Usually I tell jokes all the time but recently I haven’t
Song you’ve sang?  Craig David – Insomnia
Time you’ve looked at the clock?  Right now
Drink you’ve had?  Last Friday, soju
Number you’ve dialed?  Who dials numbers?
Book you’ve read?  CompTIA Strata study guide
Food you’ve eaten?  Black rice and joel’s chicken thing
Flavor of gum chewed?  idk
Store you’ve been in?  Albertsons
Thing you’ve said?  “What?”

What The Fuck? Round!!
Can You
Write with both hands?  No
Whistle?  Yes
Blow a bubble? yup
Roll your tounge in a circle?  yeah
Cross your eyes?  yeah
Touch your tounge to your nose? nope
Dance?  fuck no
Gleek?  nope
Stay up a whole night without sleep? yeah, back when I didn’t have anything better to do
Speak a different language?  Tagalog, when I’m drunk
Impersonate someone?  Arnold, a british person, a filipino fob, a vietnamese fob, a chinese fob… actually its probably
chinese/viet rolled into one
Prank call people?  Damn, pepperidge farm really does remember
Make a card pyramid?  no
Cook anything?  Today actually. I made joel’s caserole thing

They’re Taking The Hobbits To Isengard Round!!
Finish The Line
If i were a …  boy? Is this beyonce’s song?
I wish …  no more wishing, more doing
I am …  sleepy. It worked!
My heart is … not all there

And that, my friends, is all there was and all there ever will be, in nomeni patri spiritu sanctus AMEN


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