Je Suis Charlie

A tragedy happened yesterday afternoon in France. Around 12pm 3 hooded terrorists entered the French satiric newspaper agency and massacred 12 writers/cartoonists, including the main editor of the newspaper. My thoughts and prayers go out to these victims families and hope that they catch the remaining 2 terrorists, as one of them already turned himself in. I’m not here analyze that politics surrounding this whole ordeal. Islam, as a religion, is not an ‘evil’ religion, what many westerners are labeling it as. I majored in Political Science with an emphasis in World politics and took 2 classes on middle eastern politics where we read books on terrorism and history of violence in the middle east. Another one was about the Quran/Koran. Honestly Muslims are more devout than any other religion in the world. Why? They have to pray 3 times a day. Have to. Millions believe in this and every morning noon and before night you will see them stop what they are doing, get a rug out, face east and pray. What Catholic or Jew is this devout in their religion? Growing up Catholic in a private school (preshcool – 8th grade) God/Jesus were the only figures in the world. Then came public highschool where that bubble I was in grew wider and allowed me to understand other people’s backgrounds/cultures. But I guess thats besides the point, which is the events that happened in France. These terrorists claim to have ‘gotten back’ at the newspaper for publishing images of Mohammed. First, only radical muslims are angered by the image being shown. I mean everyone knows what Jesus looks like, everyone makes fun of Jesus or Noah or David etc. but you don’t see Catholics and Jews in an uproar about it, right? Either we are really lax in our religion or we understand the difference of fanaticism and being a plain old human being. “There is a snake in every mountain”, my dad always says. There are bad people that live and thrive within the majority of good people. Muslims as a whole are not evil. Catholics and Jews as a whole are not evil. But you take one priest who mollests children and everyone loses their minds; they think all priests are pedophiles. You take one Muslim, a fanatic extremist, and he blows himself in a crowded market everyone loses their minds; they think all muslims are gonna blow themselves up at one point or another. (I dont have an example for Rabbis, haven’t read anything about them doing dumb shit). People are going ot do dumb shit regardless of what other people think of them. Charlie hebdo is no exception. You don’t have to agree with what they are publishing but that doesn’t give anyone the right to firebomb or massacre their employees. If anything these ignorant Muslim terrorists just did was unite a country and people that were teetering on the edge of a tighter immigration stance to now being over the edge and will most likely reform their immigration laws. This act just unified people against Islam, against foreigners of Islamic descent. But maybe it shone some light on one of the police officers who was executed outside the building. A police officer of North African descent (therefore Muslim) was shot and executed trying to stop these cowards. People are calling him a hero, a person who, though disagreed with what the newspaper was doing, still did his duty in protecting the belief in a free press, in a free world. But sadly that is only a sliver of light in these dark times. What a world we live in today. And the really really retarded thing about this whole deal, is that it isn’t a recent ‘thing’ that they just decided to do. Thoughts and prayers go out to France, Je Suis Charlie, and I need coffee. Stat.


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