“Where have all the cowboys (friends) gone?”

I feel fine. I guess. Maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet. Maybe it never will. We’ll see. From my particular standpoint, what sucks is that out of this, I come out short. How? Well, where did all my friends go? Were they scared off? Or did I fall into the ‘all my time is for you and no one else’ crap? Both, I guess. Probably. Most of my friends are long gone, moved, north, south or to the east coast, whom I no longer keep in contact with because ‘i had all the friend i needed right here’. My best friend. Well that was a fuck up. I lost myself within another’s self. Inception to the fucking max bro. But I mean it does happen, just, I guess, not to the extent that it happened with me. Her friends became my friends until they actually replaced my friends. I like to think of it as ‘friends by default’. In the end I didn’t have any friends of my own, i didn’t bother with it cuz everything was just peachy. But thats just my fault. Fuck you life, lesson learned!

On the bright side, I guess it makes my new years resolutions a little easier to keep. A little.


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