Ok, Cupid?

So I had this on my mind and thought I’d share. A ‘friend’ of mine created an Okcupid profile for me. Why? I have no idea. I thought it was weird at first, but it is kind of addicting for some reason, even though I am not looking for anything. Why? Most likely it has to do with how many profile ‘views’ I get. I have to say, it was slow at first, maybe around once a week (before I actually took the time to fill out my profile) and then increased to around 15 views a week. 15 might seem like a low number, but its not when you consider how much it takes to ‘view’ a profile. When on your device, be it phone or computer, you are shown pictures of possible ‘matches’. Then, if you are interested in the said picture, you have to spend an extra 2 seconds to click the picture and have their profile load. Once it loads, it is registered that said woman (in my case) has viewed your profile. This translates as, she either took time to read my info or look at my pictures, so in essence I am somewhat interesting. I get a kick out of that for some reason. Its not even really a ‘confidence’ thing either, as I am not looking for anything. Anyway, a downside is that if anyone ‘likes’ you, you cannot see who likes you because you have to pay for ‘premium’ content, which I am not paying $7.99 just to see who likes me. I mean I am curious, just to see what kind of woman would ‘like’ me, but for $7.99? Thats dinner at a cheap asian buffet down in sd haha! On the flip side, I did say I was looking for a friend, and no, not that kind of ‘friend’. I’ve always been better friends with the opposite sex than I am with dudes, probably because I have no interest in football or MMA, which is basically what the ‘standard dude/bro’ likes. Me? I like baseball. Videogames. Car stuff. Movies. Anime. Rock and hiphop. Computer stuff. So basically the opposite of everything they are. I mean right now I just had a throwback moment and I am listening to Sisqo of all people. I mean, highschool memories of ‘The Dragon’ hahaha oh man… But no, I get along with girls better for some reason. Never hooked up and never will, just, I guess its easier to not try to hard to be something I’m not. I digress. Okcupid is ok. More of a time waster than anything. I did message a girl who likes the same movies as me and only got one response and I wasn’t even trying anything either. Eh, oh well. I’m going to let Sisqo finish unleashing the dragon and then I’m off to do more time consuming activities hahaha


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