Day 2, not so bad

So I did end up sleeping at 9 last night and woke up at 1. AM. Laid there till 2 and got up and started researching possible career options for the upteenth time it seems. Well, so far I was able to break out of my routine that I had been following, a bad one at that. Sleeping early in the morning, waking up late in the afternoon, not really a good habit to keep up. Even though it was only for a couple months, i really do have better things to do than stay up. Actually, I would sleep so early in the morning becuase it was sleep that I was trying to avoid. Every time I would lay there I would not be able to fall asleep for the life of me. My brain was always on and thinking about the shit that I was supposed to be thinking about during the day. I guess my staying up as late as I could was a way to tire out my brain so it didn’t think so much… but I can’t keep doing that and gotta face my shit. Spent the whole morning looking up network security at mira costa hopefully I can get in this semester. It seems I’m always on some sort of device so might as well right? Maybe also the recent DDoS attacks on microsoft and sony kinda got me interested in the whole ‘hacking’ thing, but for the good guys. haha. And here I thought I was good with computers, I had to look up all this new terminology and shit since my knowledge is outdated like windows xp haha.
anyway, figure every morning I get up I watch this youtube video from this guy prestonsmiles. I actually came across his channel by accident last year and he has a lot of uplifting videos and stuff that makes sense. Maybe it could help me out with the start of my day. Idk just something different, you know?

still got high hopes for this year


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